6 Tools Every IT Manager and Independent Consultant Needs

by Johnson Daniel

Independent consultants and IT managers face numerous challenges when managing projects and staff, increasing profits, and streamlining workflows. Although there are various tools and resources you can use, selecting the right solutions and providers is crucial.

How a tool and its providers meet your needs always reflects on the tool’s frequency of use and benefits. Here are some tools that can help you run your IT consulting business smoothly.

1. Remote Desktop Manager

A remote desktop manager is a program that allows you to access and use another computer remotely. With this program, you can troubleshoot problems without leaving your office. Moreover, you won’t have to walk your clients through complex procedures that they don’t understand.

The beauty of using a remote desktop program is that you can solve a variety of computer problems easily and quickly from anywhere and at any time.

2. Sales CRM

A customer relationship management (CRM) helps IT businesses track sales processes, call logs, deal conversations, and quotes. Whether you want to set up sales with potential customers or track communications between your employees and clients, this tool is your best bet.

Also, project management software comparison can help you keep track of all your employees’ time, schedules, and projects. One of the top IT tools you can use for CRM is Salesforce.

3. Program Installer

At times, you may need to start a new system, do a clean install, or reformat a disk, which can take a lot of time. Luckily, with program installer software, you can install all your software and programs at once in their respective locations.

These include your security programs, media, runtimes, utilities, developer tools, and web browsers.

4. Time tracking software

All IT managers and consultants need time tracking tools for payroll processing, tracking billable hours and projects, and calculating employee time. For instance, when your staff works remotely, timekeeping software helps you track their working hours and break time.

Timekeeping software not only reduces employee time-theft but also increase performance and productivity. A small IT company can use the Toggl time tracking tool, which is free, while a large organization is better off with Harvest.

5. Reseller programs

Joining reseller programs is an effective way of boosting your business income and generating new clients. These programs provide you with software and tools that allow you to increase your profits without taking on additional work. However, only join programs that already have products you’re selling, e.g., data recovery and cloud backup.

6. Cloud backup

Cybersecurity threats are common in all industries. Therefore, keeping your clients’ data safe should always be a top priority. You can achieve this by using cloud backup to store all your critical data and information. This way, when your systems become vulnerable, you don’t lose all your data. Taking preventative measures against cyber threats ensures you retain your customers.

Bottom line
You can apply all or some of these IT tools to grow your consulting business and maximize your earning potential.


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