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by Johnson Daniel

There’s no telling which 9mobile data plan to choose from, giving how few the options are when you take a look at the list of data plans on the network. Of course, 9mobile data plans seem expensive to the ears, but having a good look at all available data plans on the 9mobile network might change your sense of judgment.

    How to subscribe to 9mobile data plan

If you wish not to carry on with this article and you just want to browse through the whole list of 9mobile data plans available to you, you can easily subscribe to the 9mobile data plan using any of the following means.

  • USSD: Dial *229# to browse through the list of data plans available on 9mobile using your phone; or
  • You can also visit 9mobile’s official website, 9mobile.com.ng to see them; or
  • SMS the menu keyword to 229; or
  • Use 9mobile’s official app to do that.

As for the rest of the crowd that would love to get what they are searching for from this article only, you can tag along as we discover the right data plan to subscribe to on 9mobile.9mobile data plans

List of 9mobile data plans

9mobile has given its subscribers little option to choose from in this category. There are a few sections in the number of data plans that 9mobile has to offer. They are;

  • Daily/weekly plans + social data.
  • Night/weekend plans.
  • Monthly plans.
  • Quarterly, bi-annual & annual plans.

1. Daily/weekly plans + social data

For these set of data plans, you get to enjoy both data for normal internet browsing and to access social media apps that include FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. The validity of the data bundles on these plans does not exceed more than seven days. So here’s the list of data plans and their subscription codes under this category.

  • 7GB + social costs NGN 1,500 and is valid for seven days. Dial ∗229∗2∗2# to activate.
  • 2GB + social costs NGN 500 and is valid for three days. Dial ∗229∗3∗4# to activate.
  • 1GB + social costs NGN 500 and is valid for seven days. Dial ∗229∗2∗1# to activate.
  • 1GB + social costs NGN 500 and is valid for 24 hours (1 day). Dial ∗229∗3∗3# to activate.
  • 650MB costs NGN 200 and is valid for 24 hours. Dial ∗229∗3∗2# to activate.
  • 250MB costs NGN 200 and is valid for seven days. Dial ∗229∗2∗10# or SMS AND11 to 229 to activate.
  • 100MB costs NGN 100 and is valid for 24 hours. Dial ∗229∗3∗1# to activate.
  • 25MB costs NGN 50 and is valid for 24 hours. Dial ∗229∗3∗8# to activate.

2. Night/weekend plans

The night/weekend plans is another new set of data plans on 9mobile. The weekend plans can act as both weekend & night bundles in the sense that they are usable during Friday – Sunday & from 7 PM – 6:59 AM during weekdays. There are only three data bundles under this category, and they are;

  • 1GB plan costs NGN 200 and is valid for one day. This plan is only usable during the night (11 PM – 5 AM). Dial ∗229∗3∗11# to activate.
  • 3GB plan costs NGN 1,000 and is valid for 30 days. This plan is usable both during the evening, 7 PM – 6:59 AM and weekend, Friday – Sunday. Dial ∗229∗3∗12# to activate.
  • 7GB plan costs NGN 2,000 and is valid for 30 days. Just like its counterpart, you can enjoy this plan both during weekends and in the evening time. Dial ∗229∗3∗13# to activate this plan as it also comes with a free 100MB data to access WhatsApp (24/7).

3. Monthly plans

Many of us are quite familiar with monthly plans; they are all valid for 30 days upon activation and do not have any browsing restrictions attached to them. What you can get from these plans are;

  • 500MB for NGN 500. Dial ∗229∗2∗12# to activate.
  • 1.5GB for NGN 1,000. Dial ∗229∗2∗7# to activate.
  • 2GB for NGN 1,200. Dial ∗229∗2∗25# to activate.
  • 3GB for NGN 1,500. Dial ∗229∗2∗3# to activate.
  • 4.5GB for NGN 2,000. Dial ∗229∗2∗8# to activate.
  • 11GB for NGN 4,000. Dial ∗229∗2∗36# to activate.
  • 15GB for NGN 5,000. Dial ∗229∗2∗37# to activate.
  • 40GB for NGN 10,000. Dial ∗229∗4∗1# to activate.
  • 75GB for NGN 15,000. Dial ∗229∗2∗4# to activate.

4. Quarterly, bi-annual & annual plans

These data plans are for those extremely high data users with large-scale companies being at the spare-head of things. The data plans that a 9mobile user can subscribe to under this particular category are;

  • 75GB quarterly plan costs NGN 25,000 and is valid for 90 days. Dial ∗229∗5∗1# to activate.
  • 165GB bi-annual plan costs NGN 50,000 and is valid for 180 days. Dial ∗229∗5∗2# to activate.
  • 365GB annual plan costs NGN 100,000 and is valid for 365 days. Dial ∗229∗5∗3# to activate,

How to share 9mobile data plan

data share banner

If you wish to share your data with your friends, family, or colleagues, there are four options available for you as a 9mobile user. They are;

  • Family share data plan.
  • Data transfer.
  • Multi-device plan.
  • Data gifting.

These options have their specific functions individually, which I’m going to brief you on after this line.

1. Family share data plan

The family share data plan allows you to allocate a portion of your data to a maximum of five (5) 9mobile numbers. All unused shared data can be claimed back.

You can use this Family share data plan by dialing *917#, buy any desired standard data plan to share, dial ∗229∗9∗PIN∗data quota∗recipient’s number∗3#. You can also dial *200# & follow the menu options to use this option.

2. 9mobile data transfer

This second option allows you to transfer from your data to another 9mobile user. A maximum of 200MB can be moved at a time. A maximum of 1000MB can be transferred in a day. To transfer data, dial ∗229∗PIN∗data volume∗recipient’s number#, e.g., ∗229∗0000∗40∗08091234567#

3. 9mobile data gifting

It allows you to buy data as a surprise for another person. you will be charged for the data while the recipient gets the bundle. To use this option, dial ∗standarddataplancode∗recipient’s number#, e.g., To gift 1GB of data, dial ∗229∗2∗7∗recipient’s number#.

4. 9mobile multi-device data plan

It allows you to use one data plan on different devices. You can add up to 4 secondary/additional SIMs to the primary SIM. Dial ∗215∗pin∗one∗newnumber∗new PUK# to use this option. Please note that for subsequent SIM, replace ‘1’ with ‘2’, ‘3’ or ‘4’.

How to check 9mobile data plan balance

You can dial *228# to check your 9mobile data plan balance and please have it in mind that you get to enjoy up to 50% data bonus when you buy a higher data plan on your next data purchase, within the validity of your existing monthly data plan.

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