9mobile special chat pak cheat to power all apps via 24Clan VPN Lite

by Johnson Daniel

We must really hand it to the creators of 24Clan VPN Lite for bringing this resourceful app to us, with the help of the 24Clan VPN Lite app, we are going to see how we can manipulate 9mobile Special Smart chat pak plan to work for all apps on our smartphone.

The special chat pak plan is not a new plan on 9mobile as for a matter of fact, there are only two special paks on 9mobile at the moment with the special smart chat pak plan being one of it.

With the special chat pak plan, you have access to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Eskimi only when you subscribe to the 1.5GB data for N500 plan on your 9mobile SIM card. With the help of the 24Clan VPN Lite, you can use the 1.5GB data to download, browse and stream any app of your choice.

Requirements for Special chat pak cheat

  • An Android device
  • 24Clan VPN Lite – Download here (3.8 MB) or here
  • A 9mobile SIM card with at least N300 airtime on your SIM card
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9mobile special chat pak cheat settings on 24Clan VPN Lite

  • Subscribe to the special smart chat pak plan by dialling ∗343∗5∗10#, the N500 airtime would be deducted and you would be given 1.5GB data, you can be able to view your data balance by dialling *228#.
  • Launch the EC Tunnel VPN you downloaded from the link above then select any server of your choice and for Tweaks, select 9mobile Special Chat Pak.9mobile special chat pak cheat to power all apps via 24Clan VPN Lite
  • As usual, tap on the green button for it to connect, wait for some seconds and it will connect. You can now download, browse and stream on any app of your choice.

Things to take note of concerning the 9mobile special smart chat pak cheat via 24Clan VPN Lite

  1. This cheat is not unlimited, as it’s capped 1.5GB in total per subscription
  2. The connection is stable and very fast
  3. Config files are not needed
  4. VPN has no expiry date
  5. To use this cheat on Laptop and other phones via hotspot, please follow the steps here

The 9mobile special chat pak cheat is a new alternative to the other 9mobile cheats which are the SocialPak 2.5GB cheat and the streaming pack 3.5GB cheat, you can try comparing and contrasting to see which one favours your budget. Don’t forget to share this with friends and do not hesitate to leave a comment below if you encounter any problem.

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