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Night plans offer you high data bundles for low prices, and the same thing applies to all weekend plans. 9mobile weekend data plans are affordable to as many customers that can afford it and, most notably, for those who only have free time during the weekends.

There are currently three data bundles that you can enjoy from the 9mobile weekend data plan, and they are; 1GB for N200, 3GB for N1000, and 7GB for N2000. Many of us are familiar with the 1GB for the N200 data plan as it also serves as a unique data plan for some users, while for others, it can only be available for them during the weekends.

How to activate a 9mobile weekend data plan

For those of you interested in activating a weekend data plan, you can use any of the following lists of codes to activate your preferred weekend data plan on 9mobile.

  • Dial ∗929∗10# to activate 1GB for N200.
  • Dial ∗229∗3∗12# to activate 3GB for N1000.
  • Dial ∗229∗3∗13# to activate 7GB for N2000 plus free 100MB data for WhatsApp.

9mobile weekend data plan, get 3GB for N1000

The 1GB for the N200 data plan is valid for three days, while the rest are both valid for 30 days. Asides from weekends, you can also enjoy these data plans during night time, so they act both as night & weekend bundles for you. As night plans, they can be of use from 7 PM – 6:59 AM.

That’s all you need to know about activating a weekend plan on 9mobile. To check your data bundle, dial *228#.

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