by Johnson Daniel

Qualytech is an online-information based website that aims to shed light on the tech part of our world. Our own way of doing things here is quite different and unique as you get to experience tech in another dimension. No man is as good as what he knows this is why we have taken our time to set up this blog and teach you all these things at no cost.

This blog was founded by Johnson Daniel who happens to be a 200 level student currently studying Anatomy & Cell Biology at Delta State University, Abraka. With the aim of providing help to the public, he (Johnson Daniel) decided to create this blog and through this medium, share his own knowledge to the world.

This is a micro-niche tech blog that covers articles on mainly Browsing Tips/Tricks, Computer Tutorials, Make-Money Program, Modded Apps/Games, Tech News.

  • The Browsing Tips/Tricks are tutorials that will help you learn and hopefully understand the means in which data or airtime can be used or gotten.
  • The Computer Tutorials that are posted on this blog are helpful ways a reader can use to fix ‘that problem’ on their computer.
  • The Make-Money Program does not need much explanation as it is self-explanatory. The articles under this category are a series of ways a reader can take in order to make legitimate cash.
  • The Tech News consists of things that need to be taken care of in the world of technology.

We can’t really give specific periods when we post one or more articles on this blog as we can do that anytime. There is no assurance at all that you might get enough tech news on this blog due to the fact that we have decided to focus more on the other four categories (Computer Tutorials is excluded) than the tech news category, this does not mean that we won’t touch the area once in a while or more often in times to come.

If want to reach out to us, you can contact us here. We hope that we get to be your best website that you will have always visit on a daily basis. Enjoy your time on this blog!

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