AeroWitter v0.6 APK download for Android

by Johnson Daniel
AeroWitter v0.5 APK download for Android

The creator of the popular WhatsApp Aero and AeroInsta, Bozkurt Hazzar brings to you the first modified Twitter app – AeroWitter. Twitter is well-known for being a microblogging and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages known as “tweets.” You can do all basic things with the Twitter app such as posting tweets that may contain photos, videos, links, and text, but with AeroWitter, you have access to more features.

AeroWitter features

  • Privacy: Removed device analysis and some tracking tools on Twitter.
  • Safe: AeroWitter does not store any of your data on its server. Your security is completely provided by Twitter’s security protocols.
  • It’s free to use as revenues are provided solely through advertisements on the website.AeroWitter features
  • You can hide what you see fleets! Fleet owners will never know that you are viewing their fleet.
  • You can remove images and text of boring banners/events in the explore tab.
  • You can hide typing animation! The people you are chatting to will never know if you are typing a message.
  • You can hide what you read in the messages. The people you are chatting to will not know if their messages have been read, but you can know if the messages you’ve sent have been read.

The current AeroWitter v0.5 version has so much to offer. No many talks on this one, let’s quickly take a look at its features.

AeroWitter v0.6 features

  •  Base updated to 9.20.0-release.00 | Latest Play Store Base.
  • Fixed some critical crashing bugs.
  • Changed some icons.
  • A few minor optimizations.
  • Added all new Twitter features.
  • Added download feature (video, photo, gif).
  • Added possibility to choose resolution while downloading the video.
  • Added ‘always download best resolution’ option for video download feature.
  • Added possibility to select download folder for download feature.
  • Added change ‘function of the copy link button’ option for download feature (you can change the function of the “Copy link” button to download photos, videos, gifs or copy link or both).
  • Added auto-update checker.
  • Added disable option for auto-update checker.
  • Added the Spanish language by Maydroid.
  • Added the Portuguese language by Tim Oliveira.
  • Added clone package (com.twitter.aerowitter).
  • And other minor fixes and some minor design changes.AeroWitter v0.5 features

Twitter comes with a distinctive blue theme colour, AeroWitter comes with a whole bunch. Using AeroWitter, you have an option to choose from a variety of colours. Here is a list containing all available colours you can use of the Twitter-based Aero Mod app:

  • Original Color | Blue
  • Red
  • Coral Pink
  • Light Tone
  • Light Pink
  • Gold
  • Extra Dark
  • Green
  • Light Purple

Where to download AeroWitter v0.6

Download - AeroWitter v0.6 APK (Unclone) | Download - AeroWitter v0.6 APK (Clone)

You will have to uninstall the original Twitter application from your device before you can install the uncloned AeroWitter version while you don’t need to uninstall the original Twitter application from your device to install the cloned version.

If you encounter any trouble with downloading the AeroWitter app, quickly change your download folder (Aero Privileges >> Downloads >> Download Folder).

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