Airtel 500MB cheat settings on HTTP Inejctor, valid for 30 days

by Johnson Daniel

Everyone’s complaining about how slow the browsing speed of the Airtel 500MB social bundle cheat we shared yesterday using 24Clan VPN Lite, I thought this was because of the server overload but it seemed I was wrong. Even after trying the cheat on HTTP Injector with different servers, the browsing speed didn’t improve but one thing I’m still sure of is that this cheat still works.

HTTP Injector is not new in the business when it comes to helping people out with free browsing cheat globally, and there’s a tradition I adopted while sharing cheat settings using HTTP Injector, I always share a single config file with access to the SSH area. This is what determines how long the config file lasts, so instead of updating you guys with config files daily or weekly, I save both of us the stress of having to wait for me to update the link on this article with a working config file.

In case you don’t know, config files contain all the settings you need to enjoy a tweak and for the Airtel 500MB social bundle cheat, we have already made a config file for you to use. The expiry date of the config file depends on you because you will be the one to create the SSH SSL account you need for the config file to work.

In this scenario, you are going to need an SSH SSL account, not an SSH account, don’t panic as I’ve created a quick tutorial on how to create an SSH SSL account, to learn how to do that, click here.

If you read the article I shared here yesterday, you should have learned that the data works for only Facebook and WhatsApp i.e if you eventually want to use it without the help of a VPN app and it can be accumulated.  Since 500MB costs N100, 1GB would cost N200, 3GB cost N600 and so on.

Things to note about the Airtel 500MB cheat

  • It is valid for 30 days
  • Data can be accumulated
  • SSH SSL account needed, get your here
  • It selects SIM cards

That last info on “things to note about the Airtel 500MB cheat” must be disappointing, don’t panic I must tell you, I’ve figured that most Airtel SIM cards are eligible for the plan so you can keep on reading.

Requirements for the Airtel 500MB cheat

  • An Android device
  • HTTP Injector – Download here (9.9 MB)
  • A registered Airtel SIM card with a minimum of N100 airtime
  • Airtel 500MB social bundle config file, download here
  • An SSH SSL account – Create yours here
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Airtel 500MB cheat settings on HTTP Injector

  • Launch the HTTP Injector app, tap the card-shaped icon on the top-hand corner and tap Import Config.
  • Now locate the config file you downloaded using the link above in any of your device/external storage folder and tap on it, this action would make it load on the app.
  • If you hit the START button, you will likely get a pop-up notification asking for SSH Settings. Tap SET MANUALLY and this would take you to the SSH Settings page. Learn how to fill in SSH settings.Simply fill in the details you got from creating an SSH SSL account (if you’ve not created yours, learn how to do so here). Now go back to the app’s main page and hit the START button. Wait for 5-10 seconds give or take, it will connect.
  • Minimize the app and enjoy your data.

I tested this Airtel 500MB social bundle cheat before posting it here so if you face any issue(s) feel free to drop a comment below, I’ll be happy to help. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, who knows I might drop the video tutorial on how to use the cheat.

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William Tatiana April 21, 2020 - 1:09 pm

How will i get details for creating an SSH SSL account. 07018936528 pls add me on WhatsApp

Johnson Daniel April 21, 2020 - 2:13 pm

Create one for yourself


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