Airtel 500MB social bundle cheat using Tunneltweak VPN

by Johnson Daniel
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Airtel 500MB social bundle cheat happens to be the best cheat to use on Airtel at the moment. Airtel has a social bundle plan which gives you 500MB data for N100 valid for 30 days. With the help of Tunneltweak VPN, you will be able to power Airtel’s 500MB social bundle data and use it to do the normal internet activities.

Already, we’ve shown you how to set up other VPN apps to use in powering this Airtel 500MB social bundle data so that it can be used on all apps, thus far, AnonyTun VPN has proven to be the best VPN to use for the cheat. Reducing the load on a VPN’s server is good for all so that many can enjoy the Airtel social bundle cheat with ease however, not everyone is eligible to purchase this data plan.

Requirements for the Airtel 500MB social bundle cheat

  • An Android device
  • Tunneltweak VPN – Download here (2 MB)
  • A registered Airtel 3G/4G SIM card with a minimum of N100 airtime
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How to setup Airtel 500MB social bundle cheat on Tunneltweak VPN

  • Dial ∗141∗104# to purchase the 500MB data, the cost is N100
  • Launch the Tunneltweak VPN and tap the Refresh button (You need little working internet connection to refresh this)photo5886439854299001659
  • Select any of the Airtel| Social-Pack config files, turn on your internet connection for the Airtel SIM card you used for subscribing for the 500MB social bundle data and click the START button on the VPN app.photo5897971553725952580
  • Wait for some seconds for it to connect, after it connects, minimize the VPN and use the data until you exhaust it.photo5897971553725952579

You can check your data balance by dialling *140#. Using this cheat on 4G-enabled SIM cards is the best and if you ever want to share the data via hotspot, please refer to this article – How to share Android’s VPN connection over WiFi hotspot.

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