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Airtel has the right plans that are perfectly suited for almost any user, we know quite alright that this company is not anywhere near perfection but they need to be appreciated most times.

Just as they (Airtel) have a night plan for heavy data users who don’t have time during the day, Airtel also has the right plan for those who can’t stay awake in the night. This set of data plans are called Airtel Binge Data.Airtel Binge Data - Get 1GB for N350, 2GB for N500

These are data plans specially designed to satisfy your Heavy Data Needs. If you want to download a movie, binge watches a series or stream an online class, the Airtel Binge plans are just for you. Airtel Binge Data plans offer more data for a lesser price, in the essence that you can get 1GB data for N350 and 2GB data for N500 as these are the plans that are available on the Binge Data plan’s list.

How to subscribe to an Airtel Binge Data plan

To subscribe to the 1GB data which costs N350, dial ∗141∗354# to purchase, as for the 2GB data plan that cost N500, dial ∗141∗504#. There is also an alternative way to subscribe to any of these data plans, simply dial *141# and select Binge Plans. These plans are valid for 1 day upon activation.

No known code can be used to check the amount of data that has been consumed throughout the night, but you can use these steps to check your night data plan.

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Access and select the Data Usage option.
  • Open and toggle the date to display starting from the exact subscription was done. (This shows data stats showing only data you’ve used that day)
  • Set a data limit and monitor when you’ve reached or exceeded the daily limit you’ve set.

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