Airtel & MTN announce free SMS to all customers to connect with loved ones

by Johnson Daniel

With the Coronavirus pandemic still gaining ground in the world, the general public has decided to take precautionary measures to try to eradicate this virus by staying indoors during this period. As we all know in the Nigerian setting some people earn a living by having to leave their houses every day, some get the cash they use to call and send SMS to their loved ones when they step out while some sit back home and earn their money.

We all hope to be in the class where we sit back home and earn our money but we all know that it’s not possible for all of us to be in the same shoe. For those of us who need to step out to get the cash we use in purchasing airtime we use to make a phone call(s) and send text messages to our loved ones, the government has left us stranded as we don’t have any means to purchase the airtime to call and send text messages to our loved ones anymore.

Fortunately for us, Airtel and MTN have got us covered with the part where we need to connect with our loved one via SMS, this is not too great for some of us but it’s still something for us to hang unto during this period.photo5771412005817791113

The free SMS Airtel and MTN are offering to their customers cant be sent to all your friends and families across any network. For the MTN users, you get to enjoy 300 SMS for a month with which you can send only 10 SMS/day. You need to receive this message first before you can confirm that you’re eligible for this offer;

Stay CONNECTED with your loved ones WITHOUT using your CREDIT! Enjoy FREE 300 SMS for the next one month (10 SMS/day) to ALL NETWORKS


While the Airtel users have unlimited access to free SMS to any network. The only thing that you should take note of is that a Fair Usage policy applies to prevent network congestion at this time when network stability is paramount to keep everyone connected.

With this move, we hope for the telco providers to give everyone free data during this period and we hope that this virus gets eradicated very soon, stay safe!

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