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A leaked document has revealed that Android devices having 2GB RAM or less will now use the Android Go edition. According to the report made available on XDA Developers, any device with less than 2GB of  RAM having Google software must use the low-power Android GO. The document went on to say that phones with 512 MB RAM no longer qualify to preload the GMS (Google Mobile Service).

However, the document said that devices launched earlier (with 2 GB RAM or less) won’t have to convert to the Go Edition, and will keep running on the regular Android.Android devices with 2GB RAM or less to run on Android Go

These changes would take place from Q4 2020, starting with Android 11. However, this document dates back to April 27, 2020, and so some details might have been changed in the meantime.

Here’s what the document says:

  • Beginning with Android 11, devices with 512MB RAM (including upgrades) are not qualified for preloading GMS.
  • All new PRODUCTS launching with Android 11, if they have 2GB RAM or less, MUST return true for ActivityManager.isLowRamDevice() API, and launch as an Android GO device.
  • Previously launched 2GB RAM devices in standard GMS configuration SHOULD NOT convert to Android GO configurations via or letter upgrades. They will remain standard Android.

Android Go was made for devices with less than 1GB of RAM, but it wasn’t required for OEMs to implement. The introduction of Android Go devices with 2GB of RAM is somewhat new as well. It appears the change happened late last year, with Google updating its website to reflect this change. The inclusion of 2GB RAM devices brings the 64-bit kernel/userspace into the Go Edtion ecosystem.

These upcoming requirements should make a pretty significant change in how low-end Android devices are perceived. Dropping Android 11 GMS (Google Mobile Services) support for the ultra-low end 512MB devices means we won’t see any of them in the future. Android Go on 1GB and 2GB devices means better performance overall. Devices in this range can be top-rated, which makes it essential for the Android experience to be as good as possible.

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