Apple iOS 15.2 adds ‘Parts and Service History’ feature to iPhone

by Johnson Daniel
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Apple is about to roll out the new iOS 15.2 and this comes with a new feature that would inform iPhone users if the device was previously repaired and whether a genuine screen or battery was used.

This new feature, Parts and Service History will tell the user if any part of the device, battery, display, and the camera has been replaced or not. However, only iPhone 13 models can call out more including the cameras.

Apple iOS 15.2 Update Adds iPhone Parts and Service History Feature 768x403 1

iOS 15.2 with new Parts and Service History section.

A new parts and service history section will appear (under Settings > General > About) with the upcoming iOS 15.2 update for iPhone — providing some insight and peace of mind for buyers of used or refurbished iPhones hoping to get a proper quality OEM unit.

With the announcement of Self Service Repair from Apple, customers will have a means of getting genuine parts and repairing iPhones at home. Since this method of service is supported by Apple, newer iPhones on iOS 15.2 repaired through self-service will acknowledge that a repair was done and the parts are genuine.

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