How to get free N200 airtime from Atingi and Flashout

We’ve had our fair share of platforms give us airtime in exchange for completing minor tasks. We’ll look at how to get free airtime from Atingi and Flashout today.

Given that you’ll be dealing with two different platforms to claim the free airtime, I’ll walk you through the simplest route to do so. To give you some context, Atingi is a free digital learning platform that provides high-quality, locally relevant learning opportunities to fill critical employment and educational skill gaps in emerging markets. Flashout, on the other hand, is a platform that allows users to earn free airtime by taking e-learning courses with their friends.

I won’t go into too much detail about how these platforms work, but the brief overview should give you an idea. If you ever want to use these apps, you can do so by following the links in this article. So, here’s how you can get your hands on some free airtime by utilizing these two platforms.

How to claim free airtime from Atingi & Flashout

  • Create an account with Atingi by clicking here (Ensure you remember the username and password used).
  • Download the Flashout app from Google Play Store and create an account (Use “FoxxFi” as the referral username).Flashout Referral Program Make sure to select “Female” as your gender when signing up. This airtime is only available to accounts registered with female genders.
  • After completing the registration process, you should be able to access your account. Click Earn Airtime > Open Atingi. This is the point at which you must log into the atingi account you created earlier. Return to the Flashout app after that.
  • If you are redirected to the main page, click Earn airtime > Get airtime > Redeem and enter the required information. Finally, click Redeem to receive your airtime.

How to earn more airtime

After completing the steps outlined above, each user is entitled to earn more than the N200 airtime provided. Flashout’s referral program allows you to earn as much airtime as you want. Refer and earn. You will receive N200 for each referral you make. Go to Earn airtime > Choose a public username > Create your link and share it with your friends to obtain your referral link.

Before you can receive the airtime, your referral must enter the gender of the account as “Female.” As is customary, you should be quick with these platforms because people tend to cheat just to earn more, and the platform ends up no longer gifting users free airtime, leaving those who want more airtime legitimately stranded.

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