Billion TraderX review – Earn 85% of your investment in 10 days

by Johnson Daniel

There are lots of platforms you can make money from, some lasts longer than others but at the end of the day, some individuals won’t profit from these platforms. One not-so recent money making platform is called Billion TraderX.

It’s quite a disappointment from our end to be writing about this platform now but all the same, it’s not still late to join, I can tell you if you’re interested in making little cash online. This Billion TraderX review we are going to take a look at should give you a better insight on what you’re going into. Billion TraderX review - Earn 85% of your investment in 10 days

All I can advice you to do is to read through this review carefully and see for yourself if this Billion TraderX is legit or a scam as I’m going to disclose all the red and green flags about this program.

What is Billion TraderX investment?

As defined on their platform, Billion Traderx is a crypto syndicate set up solely on Bitcore (BTX) which is a cryptocurrency created in April 2017 by developers of Bitsend emanating from Bitcoin-Satoshi Nakamoto, which also provides an opportunity of dividend for low income earners and proficient investors.

Everything about Bitcore (BTX) on what the platform is all about is true, Bitcore (BTX) was created back on the 24th of April, 2017 which is a positive sign for this platform but there’s a common red flag about this investment platform, there’s no info about the owner, it’s not a strange thing if you’ve done other investments like EarnersFX and so on, so we should know already that they can shut down anytime they feel like.

How does Billion TraderX work?

You invest a certain amount of money and earn a percentage of the amount you invest. There are currently five packages available on the platform, I’ll list the prices for each, the Return of Investment (ROI) and duration to earn for each of them. They are:

  1. Emerald stack: Subscription fee of N3,000 with an ROI of 85% (to earn N5,500) after 10 days.
  2. Ruby stack: Subscription fee of N5,000 with an ROI of 90% (to earn N9,550) after 10 days.
  3. Beryl stack: Subscription fee of N10,000 with an ROI of 100% (to earn N20,000) after 12 days.
  4. Onyx stack: Subscription fee of N20,000 with an ROI of 110% (to earn N42,000) after 26 days.
  5. Sapphire stack: Subscription fee of N50,000 with an ROI of 140% (to earn N120,000) after 28 days.

Does Billion TraderX have a referral program?

Yes, there’s a Billion TraderX referral program, the amount you earn for referring a friend to join and subscribe to a plan is different for each plan.

  • Emerald stack: 500BTX
  • Ruby stack: 1000BTX
  • Beryl stack: 1500BTX
  • Onyx stack: 2000BTX
  • Sapphire stack: 3000BTX

Incase you’re wondering the amount you get from referring individuals in Naira equivalent, you should know that 1BTX is currently 246.02 Nigerian Naira so you can do your calculations to see the amount you get in Naira for referring someone to the platform.

How to join Billion TraderX

  • Download Billion TraderX app from Google Playstore.
  • Create an account by filling the form.
  • Fund your account.
  • Choose an invest plan, wait for your investment plan to mature and get paid.

How to fund a Billion TraderX account

Now this is the funny part, a source told me that the owners no longer sell BTX so the only way to get BTX is by P2P. For those of you who are not familiar with this method, it’s a way where to have to buy BTX from a fellow investor whose investment has matured.

How to withdraw from Billion TraderX

Withdrawal is also P2P, you need to look for a fellow investor to sell to, if you withdraw using the platform, there’s a high tendency for you not to get paid.

The funding and withdrawal options is another red flag, it makes the platform seem like a ponzi scheme and in a way, it is. If new investors don’t come in, you might not get paid.

I feel this information should help you on whether Billion TraderX is legit or not.  By the way, this platform has been available since the 1st of December and my apologies for not talking about it earlier than this.

I can also tell you that individuals are still making money from it at the time of writing this article, giving it a trial is your choice. Remember that if you wish to join this platform, you should invest what you can afford to lose not to get stranded.

There’s a Telegram group for this investment platform, you can join using this link if you wish to know more about what you’re going into. I hope you enjoyed this article, if yes don’t forget to share with your friends that need this information, thanks.

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