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We’ve been engaging ourselves in smart contracts for some time to get more TRON for ourselves without doing much work. Smart contracts are not entirely safe havens to increase the amount of TRON you have if you’re not good with referring. However, I can introduce a crypto trading investment platform to you that will help you increase the amount of Tron in your wallet and make you leave some of these smart contracts alone.

No one should tell you that dealing with online trading platforms is a 50/50 chance as we cannot vouch for them entirely when and any of them can last. However, this crypto trading investment platform that we’re going to look at today is still new, so chances of benefitting from it are high. The trading platform in question is called Bitrypto. 

What is Bitrypto?Bitrypto

Bitrypto is a crypto trading investment platform that helps investors to trade, using their capital, to minimize the risk of every investor on the program, thereby propping up profits.

How does it work?

Capital investors will be able to invest a reduced budgeted scale at 300 TRON (TRX) for a starting point and earn up to (or more) the sum of 60,000 TRX  without any form of activity in 5 days.

Bitrypto does offer different investment or subscription packages which would be listed below. These packages provide 50℅ ROI profit for investors.

  • Basic Plan –  300TRX to Earn 450TRX in 5 Days.
  • Advanced Plan – 800TRX to Earn 1200TRX in 5 Days.
  • Premium Plan – 2,300TRX to Earn 3,450TRX in 5 Days.
  • Ultra Plan – 4,000TRX to Earn 6,000TRX in 5 Days.
  • Emerald Plan – 8,000TRX to Earn 12,000TRX in 5 Days.
  • Diamond Plan – 23,000TRX to Earn 34,500TRX in 5 Days.
  • Gold Plan – 40,000TRX to Earn 60,000TRX in 5 Days.

When you buy a package of 300 TRX, after five days you will get 450 TRX returns. That is 450 TRX after five days.

When you buy a package of 800 TRX, after five days you will get 1,200 TRX returns. That is 1,200 TRX after five days.

When you buy a package of 2,300 TRX, after five days you will get 3,450 TRX returns. That is 3,450 TRX after five days.

When you buy a package of 4,000 TRX, after five days you will get 6,000 TRX returns. That is 6,000 TRX after five days.

When you buy a package of 8000 TRX, after five days you will get 12,000 TRX returns. That is 12,000 TRX after five days.

When you buy a package of 23,000 TRX, after five days you will get 34,500 TRX returns. That is 34,500 TRX after five days.

When you buy a package of 40,000 TRX, after five days you will get 60,000 TRX returns. That is 60,000 TRX after five days.

You can withdraw your earnings any time as there are no minimum or maximum withdrawal limits and payments are made in 24hrs time frame.

How to join BitryptoBitrypto review

The only accepted currency for investments in this platform is TRON. So, it would be best if you got your TRON ready. If you need a trusted wallet to buy from, you can click here to try Roqqu. Now, the next thing you need to do is to;

  • Click here to go to Bitrypto official website.
  • Choose a package
  • Place your order
  • Note down your ORDER NUMBER
  • Go to the Agents page
  • Contact any agent of your choice
  • Pay for your investment into their wallet address
  • Give them your ORDER NUMBER after payment is confirmed.
  • Your investment package will be set to COMPLETED.

Now, you can visit your account dashboard page, click on the (MY INVESTMENTS) option to see your investment DATEORDER NOSTATUS, and PACKAGE. There are other also options for withdrawals and account editing which would be useful to you.

When can I withdraw?

You’re only eligible to withdraw your initial investment earnings only after you have successfully re-committed, by purchasing same subscription plan or any other higher package. This is done to avoid Hit and Run of investors as that tends to disrupt platforms like this.

What is re-commitment?

This is a feature that requires their investors to subscribe upfront to same or higher investment package before they can be paid their previous investment.

When to re-commit?

You should re-commit on the 5th day of your previous investment, and then request for withdrawal. Remember, you will have to re-commit first before you withdraw your last earnings, or your withdrawal request will not be attended to.

How to earn more with Bitrypto referral program

You get to earn more TRON when your referral or downline invest with this platform for the first time, using your unique referral link. You get to enjoy 40 TRON for everyone you refer to join and purchase a plan with Bitrypto. Also, you can withdraw your referral earnings anytime you wish. Log into your dashboard to get your referral link.

That’s all that I can let out on what and how Bitrypto works. A word of advice to anyone interested in joining whether sooner or later, invest what you can afford to lose as you won’t be able to hold anyone accountable when it comes to online transactions.

If you have any questions about this trading platform, feel free to use the comment section to reach out to us.

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