BlackBerry ends support for all its classic smartphones

by Johnson Daniel

One of the popular phone brands before the era of smartphones, BlackBerry, has recently announced to end support for all of its classic smartphones that run BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10.

The Canadian phone brand has warned its customers that they will no longer receive any patches to ensure that the carrier or Wi-Fi connection remains functional. As a result, even basic functions such as calls, cellular data, SMS, and emergency calls may stop working on BlackBerry phones. This, of course, does not affect BlackBerry smartphones that run Android. BlackBerry OS support will officially end on January 4, 2022.

Initially, veteran brands like Nokia and BlackBerry didn’t believe that a full touchscreen phone would ever have a great impact on the market. Even with the release of the iPhone in 2007, pretty much all phone makers at the time didn’t believe that Apple would have such an impact on the market.

However, consumers appreciated having a smartphone with a large touch screen. While the iPhone became a huge worldwide success, BlackBerry’s market value only dropped considerably in the years after the introduction of the first iPhone, and the company eventually lost its relevance.

On the other hand, companies like Samsung quickly followed Apple’s path with touch screen smartphones to stay in the market. By the time BlackBerry decided to move on with its smartphones, it was too late.

It is pretty much the end of an era with the end of official support for BlackBerry smartphones. We highly advise BlackBerry users to back up their data as well, and also possibly prepare to shift to another brand soon.

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