Cryptocurrency has been thought to be the future of money and it’s still that way in the minds of many. During the past few years, many individuals have gotten rich, amassed wealth through this means.

Truth be told, making money via crypto is not easy if you don’t know how to trade, for this same reason, certain individuals have taken their time to either teach you how to trade cryptocurrencies or help you manage your funds, make trades using your money and give you a certain percentage in return while they also make a profit on their end.

Those who don’t have time to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies would opt-in for the second option however, getting the right person/company to help you manage your funds might not be easy to come by. This is where Bluyield steps in.

What is Bluyield?

Bluyield is a cryptocurrency investment company that helps in trading CPI aloft and simulated coins. Mainly by using funds at their disposal in controlling, yielding, and manipulating the market to their effects, they finalise the longitude of the market with some sets of selected coins, which could be seen by investors with the help of the team.

There are different investment plans available on the platform created to ensure that everyone will be able to earn. These plans are:

  • Route – $5: Gives 30% return after a week
  • Suite – $10: Gives 30% return after a week
  • Blaze – $20: Gives 30% return after a week
  • Sapphire – $50: Gives 50% return after two weeks
  • Classic – $85: Gives 75% return after three weeks
  • Star – $175: Gives 100% return after one month
  • Universe – $250: Gives 200% return after two months
  • Cosmos – $500: Gives 200% return after two months

Q. What is the maximum concurrent investment? 

  • 3

Q. Minimum withdrawal?

  • $10

Q. Maximum withdrawal?

  • $500

How to join Bluyield

  • Go to and tap Register.Bluyield registration
  • Fill in the required information (Email address & password) and click Register.
  • Head back to the sign-in page and log into your account using the info provided during registration.
  • Tap My Profile, provide the necessary information (Full Name, Gender, Mobile Number, Email Address & Country) and tap Submit to save.scrnli 3 17 2022 5 11 51 PM
  • Go to the Referral page, use this as your referral code UlzXaqtj to complete the sign-up process.

Now that you’ve done this, you can go ahead to deposit and start earning for yourself. Here’s how to go about it.

How to deposit

  • Log into your account and tap Deposit.Deposit on Bluyield
  • Tap Generate Wallet Address.
  • Send the required coin to any of the provided wallet addresses.Confirm Payment
  • Tap Click here to confirm payment after sending the coin to complete the deposit.

Do note that the wallet address displayed to you at that time is temporary and should not be used after the timer runs out. This means that anytime you want to make a deposit, you need to generate a new wallet address.

How to invest

  • Log into your account and tap Start Investing.
  • Select the amount you want to invest and tap Buy.

After investing, wait till the allocated time for your plan expires then you can choose to withdraw or re-invest. But before we get to that, let’s see how to increase our earnings on this platform.

How to increase your earnings on Bluyield

You can increase your earnings on this platform using the Bluyield referral program. The amount you earn as a referrer depends on the amount your referral invests in. Here is a list containing the breakdown of the referral earnings:

  • Route gives you $1 as the referral bonus
  • Suite gives you $2.5 as the referral bonus
  • Blaze gives you $5 as the referral bonus
  • Sapphire gives you $8 as the referral bonus
  • Classic gives you $13 as the referral bonus
  • Star gives you $18  as the referral bonus

The exciting thing about this referral program is that the only limit to how much you earn depends on if your referral decides to continue to invest or not. To sum it all up, you earn for every investment plan your referral decides to go for. Are you interested in participating in the Bluyield referral program? If yes, follow these steps to get your referral code:

  • Log into your dashboard and tap Referral.
  • Type this code – UlzXaqtj in the space for Referrer and tap Submit to get your referral code.

You can share this with your friends if you want to earn more from this referral program. Now that you know this much about the platform, let’s see how you can withdraw your funds when you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold, $10.

  • Log into your dashboard and tap Withdraw.
  • Fill the provided spaces with your Doge or Litecoin address, enter the amount you want to withdraw and click the Withdraw button to complete the withdrawal placement. You should receive your payment within the next 24 hours.

Lastly, you can transfer funds from one Bluyield account to the other. It follows the same process as for making withdrawals. Go to the withdrawal page, fill the provided space with the email address attached to the Bluyield account, the amount and click withdraw to transfer the funds. More answers and updates concerning the Bluyield platform can be found in this Telegram channel.

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