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by Johnson Daniel
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It might be quite clear now that whenever anyone hears of a site that pays for sharing posts and commenting, they will immediately conclude that the site is a scam site due to the past occurrences with other online-news paying sites. Honestly speaking, I would have totally agreed with the fact that these sites are just there to defraud people, but not all online jobs are a scam.

Speaking about making money online by sharing posts, commenting, etc, you can actually be making more than N5000 a month with BomsMovement and the best part is that you don’t have to invest any money, unlike those news sites that ask you to register with money.touse

What differentiates someone with N100 more money then you and I is someone with just a little knowledge of something that we totally do not know about, this is why I am bringing BomsMovement to your notice as early as I can so that you too can make money from it.

Just like making up to $100 monthly from being a Scooper PGC Writer, you can also make some little cash by posting on posts. To sum it all up, BomsMovement is the ideal platform for those individuals who have interest in the following;

  • Reading blog articles.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Owning a blog.
  • Trying to improve your writing skills.

This is not a paid to read articles or click ad offer, don’t get things wrong here. Your duty is to read any of the articles posted by BomsMovement, or any other members or even post your article? Your comments, share on facebook, tweet on the platform, or other blogs, YOU JUST NEED TO SEND THE LINK TO THEM AND GET PAID!

There are three ways to make money from BomsMovement at the moment, they are;

  1. Sharing, commenting and posting articles.
  2. Boms Passive
  3. Boms N2,000,000 path

How much do I get paid for sharing posts, commenting and posting?

  • Comments: (N10 naira per comment) – A minimum of 10 words is required for each comment and must backlink to them.
  • Sharing: (N5 naira per share) – Your share must be backed by comment, 5 words minimum.
  • Posting: (N100 naira per comment) – Minimum of 100 words is required for each post & must be diseases caused by toxins and must backlink to them.

In real truth, this doesn’t look like much but if you can write a minimum of 5 posts per day which sums up to 500 Naira and 30 days a month, you should have made at least N15,000 without having to stress yourself that much. If you can also share a comment on posts, you can increase your earnings and the best part is that you didn’t invest anything.

I actually told you that there are three ways of making money from BomsMovement, which are;

  1. Sharing, commenting and posting articles.
  2. Boms Passive
  3. Boms N2,000,000 path

The truth is that we are only going to focus on the first step because that’s the surest way to earn on BomsMovement without having to invest a dime unlike the last two.

How to participate and get paid on BomsMovement

  1. Go to, register and join. (Ensure you put your valid details to claim your reward every Friday.) You must be a member to get paid.
  2. Choose any of the sections on the community, and share, comment and post any article related to the section.
    (If you post ABOUT any of the topic related on any of their sections – ensure you send the link to them using this email address –
  3. Do any of the 2 aforementioned and get paid.

It is not compulsory you make comments on all articles on sites you are assigned to, look for a post that interests you and post an appropriate comment, then share it on social media.

Payments are made directly to your bank accounts as there is no limit to the amount of work you can do as long as you are available. Lastly, plagiarized contents are not allowed as your post would not be approved and note down your comment URL and make sure you use your original email address in the comment section for verification and payment. Get a notepad and list all the URLs of the comment you have posted for verification.

What are you actually waiting to be part of this movement, join BomsMovement today, and see if you can actually make that cash online?

Disclaimer: BomsMovement is not hiring you to click ads, all we want is your opinion on each article and for you to share it on Facebook and Twitter.


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