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Bulk messaging is a very helpful tool that has been used by many media companies, enterprises, banks and consumer brands over the years to help disseminate large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals at a given time. There are different terms that can be used to describe what bulk SMS is and how it is useful to society and with the help of bulk SMS service providers, you can send messages to a large number of recipients at once.

There are lots of bulk SMS providers in the world and even if you try narrowing it down to a continent, a region or even a country, you still have lots of them. Here in Nigeria, one bulk SMS provider that we can recommend to you is Bulk SMS Nigeria. Bulk SMS Nigeria has over 12 years of presence in the telemarketing industry which goes to show how tested and trusted they can be.

If you are a regular user of bulk SMS in Nigeria, you should be familiar with DND or Do not Disturb. However, if you don’t know what DND means or the impact it has on SMS delivery, let me quickly brief you on it. Basically, DND is a sort of firewall placed on mobile phone lines to help them filter unsolicited messages. The implementation of DND by Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has inversely effected delivery of SMS in Nigeria. As a result of this, only a few providers can deliver to DND affected lines and fortunately for you, Bulk SMS Nigeria is one of those providers.

One good thing about bulk SMS Nigeria is that they also offer affordable pricing on their services. They charge 1 unit flat rate across all Nigerian GSM networks (MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9Mobile). 1 unit is charged at 2.50 Kobo while they charge 3 Naira to deliver to DND numbers.

This is to say, they bill users Two Naira, Fifty Kobo (2.50 Kobo) to deliver to non-DND numbers and Three Naira(3naira) to deliver to DND effected Numbers.

How to get started with Bulk SMS Nigeria

First and foremost,  you need to go to, create an account with them and after doing so, you will receive a verification code to verify your new account. use the code to verify your account and after that, log into your account and fund it. The payment methods include credit and debit cards(ATM CARDS) or bank transfer to their local to register on bulksms nigeria

However, it is highly recommended you fund your account with a credit or debit card as your account will be credited instantly when this method is used. Payment made to their bank accounts would be verified before your account will be credited. So if there are delays from the banks, it will inadvertently impact in getting your account credited.

In conclusion, bulk SMS help to increase customer engagement, promote products and services or deliver urgent notifications to your audiences, trying out this feature on your business with bulk SMS Nigeria will see your business go a long way.

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