Chipper Cash app: Earn N250 per referral and up to N10,000 a month

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Chipper Cash app is yet another app that allows any users in various African countries to make money via their referral program. The main function of the Chipper Cash app is to send and receive money across borders, and it is done free of charge, without wasting any time. Many individuals should be like, how does Chipper Cash work and all of that stuff, well, after you read this Chipper Cash review that I’m going to cover in this article, you are going to have more insights about this app and how you can earn from the app.


Chipper Cash review

Chipper Cash app is a delight to use since it has a referral program where you can make quick cash from it, their referral program pays at least N250 per every person you refer to download the Chipper app.

Why only look at the ‘earning’ aspect what about how and why the Chipper Cash app is in existence, it is something that shouldn’t be overlooked as it can be of important use to you. We already highlighted the fact that Chipper Cash app can be used to send and receive the money within African countries for free, but why use Chipper Cash app to do this and not any other app, let’s find out.


  • Wide coverage: Connect your mobile money account to your Chipper wallet and send money to friends, family, and anyone else in Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, and Rwanda. We’re adding more countries soon! It’s FREE to send money to anyone within the same country.
  • Fun & simple: Chipper is built with a beautiful feed that shows you all your previous transactions. Tap on a friend’s picture and see all the transactions between you and them. Send and request money for free from anyone – even contacts that aren’t yet on Chipper. Easily add or withdraw money to and from your Chipper Wallet to your connected mobile money account.
  • Convenient: Chipper allows you to receive mobile payments from both chipper users and non-chipper users using Chipper checkout. With checkout, any user with a mobile money account can send money to your chipper account from anywhere.
  • Interoperable: Chipper works with any mobile money network. This interoperability means that your Chipper wallet connects with any mobile money – Mpesa, MTN, Airtel, Vodacom etc to allow you to send money from your wallet to any other mobile money account regardless of mobile network or country.

After taking a look at some tangible reasons why you need to use the Chipper Cash app to send and receive money, why don’t we go back to making some money with the Chipper referral program?

How to make money from Chipper Cash referral program

Whether you’re a Nigerian or not and as long as you are in Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania or Uganda, you can make money from the Chipper Cash referral program. To get started, you need to download the Chipper Cash app on your device. Android users can download Chipper Cash from here, while the iOS users can download this from here.

After downloading the app using any of the links above, install and launch the app. Sign up with your phone number or email address (a phone number is more preferable for signing up) then select your country, e.g Nigeria.

Immediately you finish signing up, you will get N10 instantly credited into your Chipper Cash account. Now you’re done with the signup process, it’s time to earn. photo6039454085763149602

Look at the bottom of the app and tap on the Earn button. When you get there, you should see something like this in the screenshot below.photo6039454085763149601 Click the Share Link – Earn Money button and a list containing some apps/mediums to share your link will appear. Just try your possible best to share the link to your WhatsApp app or Facebook or copy the link if the feature is there. Then send the link to any of your friends or contacts telling them to download the app using your unique referral link.

After they download it and sign up, you will get 250 Naira credited to your Chipper Cash account, while your friend will get N10 credited into his or her account which you can withdraw straight to your bank account. When you invite someone and the person verifies his/her account with a Valid ID Card, you and the person will get 250 Naira each. When your friend invites another person and the person verifies his/her, you will get another 75 Naira.

How to withdraw the cash from Chipper Cash app

On the app, click on the Profile button just close to the Earn button below your screen. On the Profile page, scroll down a little bit until you see Cash Out, tap on it, Add amount > Choose your bank and proceed to cash out.

There’s one important thing to note about using Chipper, you will need to verify your account via National ID card, Drivers’ License, Passport, Voters Card to get the N250 cash. Here’s how to verify your Chipper Cash account.

  • Tap Profile, scroll down and tap Verify.
  • Take a selfie with your ID card then upload/submit it to the app.
  • Immediately after doing that, you will need to wait for at least 2 days or more for your verification to be confirmed or declined. Let’s assume the verification was successful, you will instantly get the N250 in your account.

What’s your take on Chipper Cash app, do you think that it is worth trying out? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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