How to create a free USA number in Nigeria using Telos app

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Despite creating so many tutorials on creating a free USA number in Nigeria using several methods, many individuals still find it difficult to create these numbers for themselves. With that, I’ll always leave you with the option of meeting up with some people to help you create a USA number, and you pay them for the service they render to you.

As time goes on, I’ll continue to disclose several methods people use to create these USA numbers that you can’t create for yourself. Telos is another app that you can use to get a free USA number for yourself, and we’re going to look at how we can go about that in this article, but first, we have to look at the materials we will need to help along with this.How to create a free USA number in Nigeria using Telos app

Requirements for creating a USA number using Telos

  • Telos Free Phone Number & Unlimited Calls and Text – Download here (Google PlayStore). For those of you finding it difficult to download the app from Google Playstore, you can join our Telegram channel and search for the app. You should find it available for download there.
  • A working VPN app. Most preferably, HMA VPN, Nord VPN, etc.
  • Fake credit card details. For this, you need to generate a fake credit card details using this site >

How to create a free USA number in Nigeria using the Telos app

Connect to your VPN using the United States as the location and head over to your Google Playstore. Open the hamburger menu, tap Payment methods > Add credit or debit card.

Fill in the card number and details from any of the BIN you generated using the site above (namso-gen). Use any name of your choice, select the United States as your country, and use 43000 as your ZIP code. If your Google Play account’s country choice is set as the United States, the card should be linked, while most times, the card won’t link with your Google Play account even when the country of the Google Play account is set to the United States.

If you can’t change the country of your email account, open a new email account and use a VPN that is connected to the United States and open the account on Google Playstore, this should set it to the United States.

Now launch the Telos app and register using the same email you used for PlayStore. On the next page, you would be asked to insert an area code. You can type in 715, 502, 804, 314, or any code of your choice and tap search. It should bring up a list containing some available numbers, select any one of your choices, and after selecting that, you would be asked to select a plan.

Click on “3-days trial,” you should get redirected to PlayStore. When the pop-up menu for payment comes up, select the fake card you linked on Google Playstore, and make payment with it. With that, you should have created the number. You can now go ahead and use it on WhatsApp, Telegram, or any app of your choice.

If you compare this procedure for creating a USA number with the previous ones we’ve shared, you will notice no real difference amongst all of them. The only issue with getting these USA numbers is with the fake credit card details you have to generate for yourself.

For the iOS users, if you can add a fake credit card to your Apple account, you can go ahead to get a free USA number from the Telos app using the procedures outlined above. You can also download the app from here.

Finally, you can also get Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, etc. numbers from the Telos app. If you can’t create one for yourself, you can reach out to me via the contact page to help you create one for a stipulated price of N2,000 using this same procedure outlined in the article.

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