Download Flaim app and get free 25MB on any network

by Johnson Daniel

After publishing yesterday’s article on how to get N200 airtime for free from Flom (Beta) app, I noticed that they stopped paying the N200 minutes after the post was live on this blog. I can’t blame them for actually putting it on hold given the fact that there are many individuals looking for free airtime and most especially data and the data aspect is our main focus today. For those of you who still need the airtime, you can try to download the Flom (Beta) app from here and see if you would be given the N200 airtime or any airtime at all.

I won’t like many of our viewers to actually miss out on this free data giveaway from Flaim app, it’s actually more of a disappointment to be dishing out 25MB data to any network compared to the 500MB when they started, but there’s no harm in it actually since we are getting it for free so here’s how to receive the 25MB from Flaim app.photo6050659217351750831

How to receive 25MB data from Flaim

  • Download the Flaim app from Google Playstore or from here.
  • Launch the app and type in your phone number, wait for the verification code and when it arrives on your message tab, type it in the required space on the app and click next.
  • On the next page, you would be asked to type in your name and status, do so and click next.
  • On the next page, you need to add a profile picture, it’s not necessary to do so, therefore, you can just skip that and click next and you will receive the 25MB instantly on the SIM card that you registered with.

The 25MB should be available for 2 days after that it will expire if you don’t use it. You can register with as many SIM cards as you want and receive the 25MB on the SIM card but mind you, you cannot get the 25MB free data on the same SIM card twice. That’s all that you need to know about activating this free 25MB data on any network and please I beg of you, be fast with using this thing in order not to miss out. You can join our Telegram channel or WhatsApp group to get first-hand updates from us.

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