Download WhatsApp Aero v8.50 apk with Anti-Ban for Android

by Johnson Daniel

WhatsApp Aero v8.50 is out for its users to download. For those of you who have enjoyed this particular WhatsApp mod and are still using it, you should have seen the remote update through the app, while for those of you who are looking for a fresh download, you can get the direct download link to the latest version of WhatsApp Aero here.

Download WhatsApp Aero v8.50 apk with Anti-Ban for Android

Features of WhatsApp Aero

  • Privacy: You can hide your blue tick, 2nd tick, online information, statuses, listening to send audio files, “recording…”, “writing…”.
  • Mightiness: You can prevent messages from being deleted. Even if people receive their messages back, they will not be deleted from you.
  • Themes: WP Aero hosts over 3000 themes, you can instantly download what you want, or you can make your themes professionally.
  • Visitors of Your ProfileThanks to the WP Aero application, you can find out who visited your profile.
  • Logs: WhatsApp Aero gives you the option to find out who’s been online & offline, who changed their profile picture and status.
  • Enhanced Media: WP Aero lets you share up to 700 MB of video and 50 MB of pictures.
  • Lock: WP Aero lets you take advantage of enhanced locking options to keep your chats secure until fingerprints.
  • CustomizeWP Aero has more fonts, bubble styles, tick styles, and various personalizations than any other WP mods.
  • Support: You can find immediate answers to your questions and offer WP Aero’s Telegram group and WP Support number suggestions. The required details can be found in WP Aero > Support.
  • Aero WidgetThanks to this widget that comes with WP Aero, you can access the Aero Mod page and profile without entering WP, make yourself online & offline, see your status and name.
  • Emojis: You can choose between stock WP Emojis, Facebook Emojis, Emoji One V3 Emojis, Android Nougat Emojis, and Android Oreo Emojis.
  • Languages: WP Aero supports Turkish, Azerbaijani, Arabic, English, Espanol, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, Indonesian, Marathi, Bahasa Malaysia languages.
  • Media Hiding: With WP Aero, you can hide all incoming and outgoing videos, pictures, and GIF files from your gallery and view them only from WP.

What’s new in WhatsApp Aero v8.50

  • Base updated to
  • Added new attachment picker.
  • Added option to enable/disable new attachment UI (Aero Privileges > Conversation Screen > Conversation Entry Style.
  • Enable new attachment picker UI).
  • Added animation to new attachment UI.
  • Added 5 entry styles.
  • Added 16 bubble styles.
  • Added 14 tick styles.
  • Added option to change “typing…” color for the home screen.
  • Added FAB fixes for ONE UI.
  • Fixed One UI rotates the issue.
  • Fixed “Room” option in new attachment UI. If FB Messenger is not installed, the icon will switch to Camera.
  • The fixed status tab has a number. Changed to dot only.
  • Fixed unread counter issue (ex. calls).
  • Fixed custom wallpaper.
  • Fixed Aero Prime V7 home screen style crash.
  • Fixed location attachment crash.
  • Removed “increase forward limit to 250” option (due to ban problem).

Where to download WhatsApp Aero v8.50

Download - WhatsApp Aero v8.50 apk (
Download - WhatsApp Aero v8.50 apk (com.wa)

There is no feature difference between the package names, but the most stable package name is com.wa package name.
You don’t need to delete the original WP application to install this package name.

How to install WhatsApp Aero v8.50 apk on your smartphone

  • Remove/Uninstall old Aero and All WhatsApp versions from your device.
  • Delete the WhatsApp folder. If you have important data in it, you can move this folder to another location.
  • Install WhatsApp Aero on your device. It is recommended to use WP Aero in the original package name.
  • Verify your number. Never restore old backups (chats) (backups from V7.96 and earlier) in new versions (V7.98 and later). Installation from scratch is recommended. Restoring backups(chats) is very risky.
  • If the WP Aero application issues a warning in the form of Google Play Services during the initial setup, press the back button of your device.

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