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MultiChoice recently unveiled a new package on DStv tagged Prestige at the MultiChoice Studio at Victoria Island, Lagos. According to MultiChoice, this new package has exclusive benefits for subscribers, offering them access to a range of channels and value-added services.

The DStv Prestige membership is an exclusive annual subscription package that includes a variety of benefits designed to provide high-value customers with a premium entertainment and lifestyle experience. The DStv Prestige membership includes the following benefits:

    • Limited edition Explora: This is a special edition of the Explora decoder, which comes in a gold colour and features a matching gold colour remote.
    • Access to select Lifestyle benefits, including luxury partner events and discounts; and invitations to special events. These benefits will be made available through a mobile app and web integration. Some customer information may be shared with a third-party service.
    • 12 months of DStv Premium: This provides access to a wide range of premium entertainment content, including movies, series, sports, and more.DStv Prestige Membership Benefits
    • +2 access fee PVR + 1 xtraview setup: Members will receive one additional PVR decoder and two XtraView setups at no extra cost, allowing them to enjoy DStv in multiple rooms in their homes.
    • Box office movies: Members will be able to watch up to 24 Box Office movies per year, at no extra cost.
    • Complimentary Showmax subscription.
    • Discounts on devices: From time to time, DStv may share special discounts on devices/ other Explora for customers enjoying DStv Prestige
    • Dedicated account manager: Members will have access to a dedicated account manager to handle support inquiries and ensure that their needs are met.
    • Priority support: DStv Prestige customers receive priority support, which ensures that any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.
    • Free installation and quality check: DStv Prestige customers can enjoy the free installation and a quality check to ensure that everything is working optimally.
    • Overall, the DStv Prestige membership provides a range of benefits designed to provide a premium entertainment and lifestyle experience for high-value customers.

In addition to all of that, Prestige members will gain exciting members-only events, exclusive concierge service, and lifestyle benefits from over 25 most sought-after brands across fashion, hospitality wellness & beauty, household essentials and others.

How to become a DStv Prestige member

Before thinking of becoming a DStv Prestige member, it is important to know that the annual membership plan costs N460,000. To become a Prestige member, you need to go to the DStv Prestige’s sign-up page, fill out the form given to you and make the payment.DStv Prestige Sign-Up form

Once you have paid, you will be approved for a DStv Prestige membership and will have access to the exclusive perks that come with the membership, such as free Box Office movies, discounts, and invitations to exclusive events.

Other FAQs:

Q. How do I access the lifestyle benefits that come with the DStv Prestige membership?

A. You will be provided with a welcome pack when you join and the pack will contain details about how you can access the Lifestyle benefits. You will also be directed to an integrated portal where you can view our partners who provide various lifestyle benefits.

Q. How long is the membership period?

A. DStv Prestige membership lasts 12 months from the date of payment. A renewal is required for each subsequent year.

Q. Is DStv Prestige available in all countries where DStv operates, or is it limited to certain regions and markets?

A. DStv Prestige is currently only available in Nigeria.

Q. Are there any restrictions or limitations on the use of DStv Prestige benefits?

A. DStv Prestige benefits will be provided at a guided expense to ensure that our customers enjoy the very best of their membership without having to worry about any limitations.

Q. What happens if I cancel my DStv Prestige membership before the end of the annual subscription period?

A. You will no longer be able to enjoy the benefits that are exclusive to the Prestige community and will need to pay your regular monthly DStv subscription.

Q. How do I redeem my lifestyle benefits at MultiChoice or a partner’s?

A. You can redeem benefits by logging onto the DStv Prestige portal or by walking into any of our partners’ offices/outlets. Our partners are eager to receive your service requests.

Q. Can I transfer my benefits to a proxy?

A. Yes. As a Prestige member, you can gift your benefits to friends and family members.

Q. What is the tenure of membership?

A. The DStv Prestige membership is valid for one year. All lifestyle benefits are applicable within this period.

Q. Can I cancel my membership before the end of the 12 months cycle?

A. There are no refunds available on DStv Prestige. Once payment is made, the 12 months start counting.

Customers seeking an ultra-premium entertainment experience should consider the Prestige package. The membership provides a one-of-a-kind combination of exclusive content, additional services, and lifestyle benefits not found in other DStv packages. DStv Prestige offers a personalized and tailored experience to meet the needs of high-value customers willing to pay for added value and exclusivity.

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