Earn cash by watching funny videos on ClipClaps app

by Johnson Daniel

For the past week or two now, there’s this app that I’ve been getting little cash from and after seeing progress from some other people’s end leaving positive reviews about the app, I’ve decided to let you guys in on what’s going on.

ClipClaps app should not be new to individuals on our Telegram channel and mostly our WhatsApp group because they’ve known about this app for more than a week and like I explained to them when I introduced it to them, ClipClaps is willing to pay you for your time and the payment is real cash just like how Scooper paid us back then when we used them.

ClipClaps is easy to use and you don’t need much info to use and make money from the app. However, the info you’re going to see here about ClipClaps is going to go a long way with using the app, so just read what I’m going to tell you carefully.photo5925021094547404146

What is ClipClaps all about?

ClipClaps is a video sharing platform with in-app games that promises to reward users for watching their videos or playing the games on the app.

How do you earn on ClipClaps

You earn by opening boxes which contain raffle tickets and from these tickets, you can get $1$10, $10 Amazon Coupons, 500k clapcoins and so much more. The minimum payment threshold is $0.01 and payment is to PayPal but you can’t send that amount via PayPal so the real minimum payment threshold is $10. For those of you who don’t have PayPal account to receive the payment, you can learn how to create PayPal accounts from any of the articles below.

How to join ClipClaps

Download ClipClaps app for Android from here or for iOS from here and before proceeding to download the app from your preferred app store, I have a gift for you. When signing up on the app, use 8SAPRMFZ as your referral code and get free $1 from me. If you don’t use the code, you won’t get $1. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to get redeem the code and get your free $1 just download the app.

After downloading the app, sign up with your details and once logged in, look at the bottom navigation area of the app and tap Rewards. Now look at the top corner of your screen you should see Redeem, tap it and in the next page that pops up type this code – 8SAPRMFZ, once you do that, you should be credited with $1.

 What’s Next?

Now that you’ve gotten the $1, it’s time to work your way and get to the minimum threshold which is $10. The only way you earn is by opening boxes and the only way you can get boxes is if you refer people to use the app, spin the lucky wheel or the app gives you one for free.

How to get your referral code on ClipClaps

  • Look at your bottom navigation area and tap Rewards.photo5942936189118034588
  • Tap the SPIN photo at the top, this should open a new page on your device.photo5942936189118034585
  • Tap the SHARE button just below and your phone would copy the invitation code automatically, you can now go out of the app and paste the message copied automatically to your device. That’s how you get your referral code.photo5942936189118034584

How to withdraw from ClipClaps

  • Look at the bottom navigation area of the app and tap Rewardsphoto5942936189118034588
  • Look at the top of the screen and tap your balancephoto5942936189118034589
  • Now select the amount you want to withdraw, fill in your PayPal address i.e if this is your first time requesting for withdrawal and wait for 24-72 hours to receive the funds to your account.photo5942936189118034590

I take no credit for the trick provided above as it was disclosed to me by an admin of our Telegram channel, so if it doesn’t work for you, it’s not the end of the world, just try your possible best to invite people to the app and get as many boxes as you can get.

That’s all of the info I can disclose on this app and I won’t really call it  ‘ClipClaps app review’ but I can say it is something close to that. This app does not offer you a quick way to get rich but just to help you know that you won’t use your data in vain. If you have any contributions to make, any query to make, feel free to let us know via the comment section below.

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