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The list of how-tos never seems to have an end, looking at some few things like getting free airtime constantly is a big win for you given the way things seem to be at the moment. Fortunately, Electroneum app is at our rescue today.

Thanks to an administrator of our WhatsApp group for bringing this app to our notice and so far within a week, he has enjoyed nothing less than N800 airtime from the Electroneum app. The iOS users should not feel left out, even they too can enjoy the free airtime as the app is available for them to download also.


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Electroneum is an online mining app just like CryptoTab giving you the opportunity to get rewarded with airtime for mining electroneum. You get to mine the ethereum every 7 days then after the 7th day, you can extend the period with which you want the app to mine ethereum for you.

Electroneum app serves more purposes than just helping you get airtime for free, you can also send and receive ethereum from friends and family members or even from business partners for a fraction of the cost. Most importantly, you can earn more ethereum from the app free of charge by using their AnyTask platform.

However, what we’re most concerned about is how to earn free airtime from the app just as people have been doing all these while before they stop giving out airtime. So without any further ado, let’s see how we too can enjoy free airtime from Electroneum app.

How to earn free airtime from Electroneum app

  • Download Electroneum app from Google Playstore or Apple store
  • Launch the app on your smartphone, tap More located at the bottom area of your screen then tap Generate More ETN > ENTER A CODE. kindly use this as your referral code – B7B667 to earn a 1% bonus on everything you earn through the ETN rewards app. After that, you should start mining electroneum.

How to generate electroneum faster from the app

There are two good ways to generate more electroneum from the app, one way is using AnyTask to do that and the other is by using their Referral program.

  • AnyTask: This allows you to complete tasks online without getting paid any fee. You get to sell your skills online and earn Electroneum (ETN).
  • Referral Program: This allows you to invite people to use the app and when they start earning, you earn a certain percentage of everything they earn. All your referral earnings are automatically added to your ETN Rewards pending balance and paid whenever you reach the ETN Rewards payment threshold. ETN Rewards is the first step to earning ETN. Simply log in to the app each week to keep ETN Rewards active.

How to activate ETN Rewards

First, you need to take a picture of yourself copying a simple gesture. Once you’ve submitted this, your ETN Rewards will become active. At a later date, you will be asked to submit a second selfie, this time, you’ll need to draw a symbol on a piece of paper and take a selfie with that. Once your selfies have been verified, payouts from ETN Rewards will be unlocked and your earned ETN will be moved to your wallet once you reach the payout threshold.

The selfies are needed to activate your ETN Rewards in order to prevent duplicate accounts. They use your submission to verify that you’re a real person.

How ETN Rewards works

Once you’ve activated ETN Rewards on your account, you will begin to earn ETN without having to keep the app active on your device. You get 7 days of ETN Rewards. After 24 hours of starting ETN Rewards, you can extend the amount of time you have left back to 7 days, so make sure you come back to the app at least once a week to keep your ETN Rewards active.

The ETN amount shown under ‘Referral Earnings’ is the total amount you have earned and has already been added to your ETN Rewards pending balance.

All I’m trying to say in essence is that the more you refer, the more you earn ETN and exchange for airtime or data. When you get the minimum required ETN required to purchase either airtime or data for your preferred network, simply tap Wallet at the bottom of your screen and select the offer you’re going for.

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