Enjoy double airtime and more data with 9mobile MoreFlex Plus

by Johnson Daniel

It’s not actually the first time that we’ve heard of getting double airtime/data from 9mobile as a matter of fact, we published an article about the 9mobile MoreFlex bundle which all new subscribers get to enjoy double data & up to 300% extra value on their recharge.

After all these while, 9mobile has decided to do an upgrade to the MoreFlex plan by introducing “MoreFlex Plus” bundle to help their users enjoy double the airtime and more data at a cheaper price. Unlike the MoreFlex bundle, the MoreFlex Plus has lesser bundle options than its predecessor, 9mobile was able to include;

  • MoreFlex Plus 500, get 500MB data + N1000 airtime;
  • MoreFlex Plus 1000, get 1.5GB data + N2000 airtime; and
  • MoreFlex Plus 2000; get 3GB data + N4000 airtime.

You can tag the MoreFlex bundle as the all-in-one Data and Voice plan just for you since it will allow you to stay connected with family and friends with extra data and airtime. P.s, the airtime can be used for local & international calls, SMS & PAYG.

How to purchase a MoreFlex bundle plan

  • MoreFlex Plus 500, dial ∗320∗1∗1#, valid for 7 days.
  • MoreFlex Plus 1000, dial ∗320∗2∗1#, valid for 14 days.
  • MoreFlex Plus 1000, dial ∗320∗31#, valid for 30 days.Group 2

Things to note about 9mobile MoreFlex Plus

  • To opt-in to a Moreflex plus bundle, dial *320#
  • To check balance, dial *232#
  • to opt-out, dial *344*0# (customer remains on MoreFlex default tariff until migration into one of these products e.g MoreTalk, MoreLife complete)
  • on/off-net calls @ 45k/sec, SMS @ ₦8 & pay as you go data @ 0.002k per kilobyte.

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