Facebook is working on a new messenger app called “Threads”

by Johnson Daniel

Social media giant, Facebook is currently working to introduce a new messenger app called “Threads”. This app which was originally designed as a companion to the Instagram app as it is meant to promote constant, intimate sharing between users and their closest friends is now being tested internally at Facebook.scrnli 8 27 2019 8 33 11 PM

According to The Verge, “In May, Instagram ceased work on Direct, a standalone messaging app that it had been developing since late 2017. At the time, executives said that beta testers were frustrated about having to switch between Instagram and a second app whenever they wanted to send a message. But the company has remained interested in building new messaging experiences, executives have said. Instagram employees who work on messaging were moved to the Facebook Messenger team earlier this year as part of a broader consolidation between the parent company and its prized acquisition.

Unlike the standalone messaging app called “Direct”, the core of Threads appears to be messaging, and it looks very similar to the existing messaging product inside Instagram. Messages from your friends appear in a central feed, with a green dot indicating which of your friends are currently active. If your friend has posted a story recently, you can view that from inside Threads as well. Threads also has a camera, which you can use to capture photos and videos and send them to your close friends. The Verge reports.Facebook thread

It is believed that the main why Facebook plans to bring in this messaging service is to covet Snapchat’s strong engagement among younger users.  Reports have indicated that the average Snapchat user spends more time inside the app than the average Instagram user does and this poses as a threat to Facebook, so they believe that Threads is the ideal tool to surpass their rival.

Users of the Thread will be able to update their status manually, Facebook will provide them option to opt into automatic sharing. The app will update the status of the user sharing information with their friends such as location, speed and more.

For now, it is unclear as to when Facebook will release this messaging service because Facebook might end development before shipping the app to the general public just as they did for Direct. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see the outcome.

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