FastPlay24 review, win up to N15,000 with just ₦35 every 20 minutes

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Making-money online is still possible in as much as you might not think so, after covering as many areas under this make -money programs, I can tell you that this one is actually the fastest way to make money online.

FastPlay24 is just an intellectual challenge designed to help you have fun, learn and also earn from it. This is the same as WinApay, just that with FastPlay24, you get a better shot at earning.scrnli 10 14 2019 5 22 53 PM

FastPlay24 allows you to try and stand a chance to win up to N15,000 with just ₦35 every 20 minutes by answering 10 simple questions in just 10 minutes every day. Can you now see why FastPlay24 is a little bit better? To participate in this game, you must be at least sixteen (16) years of age and possess a personal bank account.

In each game session you can win an up to fifteen thousand naira (N15,000 or more) if the session has exactly 10,000 players at the end of the game and if you are the first to answer all ten (10) questions correctly within the stipulated time and a minimum of five naira (N5) whether you finish last or get all answers correctly or not. This five naira (N5) bonus goes to all players.

The system dynamically calculates your expected Earnings and displays it to you at the end of the game session. The earlier you finish up the higher your chances of winning big. More players can still join the game after you have answered all ten questions so long as the ten-minute session has not elapsed. This has an effect on your Earnings, as there are chances of it increasing or reducing minimally, depending on the number of players at the end of the game.

All questions are simple and are general knowledge-based with no special preference for any class of people. They are randomly generated from the database. The questions displayed to all users may differ in type and order.

They know it is an internet-based game and users participate remotely. They know you will ask your friends and Google for assistance, so there’s no need to list that in their “don’ts”. Moreover, they think it is not out of place for you to do that. Even if they discourage the use of assistance, they know you’ll disobey anyway. Just like that famous game, you get two major lifelines;

  1. 50/50: The system eliminates two wrong answers and leaves you with one wrong and the correct answer
  2. Change question: If you do not know the answer to a question, you can ask the system to generate another one to replace the one you couldn’t answer.

You only get one chance each to use both lifelines per game, so use them wisely. The lifelines are represented by the symbols above, respectively.

Peradventure, you mistakenly logged out or somehow your session was terminated due to device error or internet disconnections when you haven’t completed the game, you can always log back in to continue from where you stopped, so long as the 10 minute session hasn’t elapsed, and sufficient winners haven’t emerged, otherwise, you will only earn N5.

The number of expected winners in each game session is 10% of the total number of players that joined the session. The value of each Game Credit is N25. All players get a five naira bonus, whether they win or lose. They charge N5 per game. That sums it up to the N35 that will be deducted from your wallet at the beginning of the game.

They don’t want to bore you with calculations; They know most of you dread mathematics. So, let’s just use this simple example to set you straight.

Game Session
No. of players 10,000 (All players get N5 bonus each)
No. of winners (10%) 1,000
No. of losers (90%) 9,000
Total Prize money N300, 000 (N5 bonus inclusive)
First Winner N15,000 (N5 bonus inclusive)
Second Winner N14,101 (N5 bonus inclusive)
Third Winner N13,255 (N5 bonus inclusive)
Fourth Winner N12,460 (N5 bonus inclusive)
Fifth Winner N11,713 (N5 bonus inclusive)
Sixth Winner N11,011 (N5 bonus inclusive)
Seventh Winner N10,351 (N5 bonus inclusive)

And the list goes on.

NOTE:  As the value of the prize money decreases down the positions, one may win as low as N5 (bonus inclusive) even if he/she is among the 10% champions. This is because as the Earnings decrease down the formula, it gets to the zero mark. Therefore, all that will be left is the N5 bonus.

To cash out your earnings, you must hit the “Transfer Earnings” button to transfer your funds to your wallet. The minimum amount you can cashout is N170 (N70 charge inclusive). Any cashout request below one thousand naira (N1, 000) will be sent to your registered phone number in form of airtime and will attract a seventy naira (N70) convenience fee, while cashout requests starting at one thousand (N1,000) to N1,999 will be sent to your registered bank account and will attract one hundred and forty naira (N140) convenience fee. The charge is based on the amount to be cashed out. For every additional N1, 000, an additional N70 is added to your charges.

Range (₦) Charges (₦) Type
170 – 999 70 Airtime
1,000 – 1,999 140 Cash
2,000 – 2,999 210 Cash
3,000 – 3,999 280 Cash
And the list goes on.

All cashout requests made between Mondays – Thursdays may be processed within forty-eight hours (48 hrs.), while those made between Fridays – Sundays may be processed within 96 hours. However, these are worse case scenarios, as payments could be processed earlier than that. If you do not receive your payment within this time frame kindly shoot a note to Ensure your phone number, bank account number and account name are correct. As they won’t be liable for any transfers made if you provide inaccurate information. Your profile must be duly updated and account verified for you to be able to receive payments.

The first game of every day is scheduled to start at 12 midnight and end at 12:10 am. The second game of every day is scheduled to start at 12:30 am and end at 12:40 am. The interval continues in that order. Meaning a game starts at the hour mark and runs for 10 minutes, followed by a 20-minute break. While the next game starts at the half-hour mark and also runs for 10 minutes followed by another 20-minute break. It continues in that sequence.

The game test’s you on speed and accuracy. Meaning, you have to think fast and answer all questions correctly in time. That’s why it is called FastPlay24. The number of winners is ten percent (10%) of the total number of players per session. The first set of people to get all the answers correctly will win the prize money. All players, both winners, and losers get a five naira (N5) bonus for any game played. The game runs twenty-four hours (24 hours) seven (7) days of the week. There is a 20-minute interval between each game. So that you can take a break because you might need to do other things and also rest.

How to get started with FastPlay24

8Simply sign up here, log in, verify your email address, fund your account with a minimum of ₦500 and when the “Join Game” button appears, join the game and answer ten (10) questions within ten (10) minutes to win instant cash prizes. Time is money. The earlier you join a game session, the better your chances of winning big. You can skip a question and return to it so long as the 10-minute timeline hasn’t elapsed.

You can also take part in the referral program by inviting your friends to join FastPlay24 and get an N1 bonus for each game they play. That means if you refer 50 people and each of them plays at least 20 times every day you will be earning up N1000 per day. To refer them simply send them your referral link (e.g. from your profile.

You can share via Facebook, BlackBerry Messenger, WhatsApp, Hangouts, Email, Twitter, Instagram or any other platform(s). So long as they register via your link you get paid whenever they play a game. The more invites you send the more people are likely to register and the more money you will make. Top referrers also get extra cash bonuses from us at intervals.

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