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PayPal was one of the first companies to create the internet’s infrastructure for cross-border payments. As of 2020, it had 377 million customers in more than 200 countries. It’s pretty unfortunate to know that you can’t receive payments on PayPal as an African. Still, with the recent partnership, PayPal has with Flutterwave, Africans can now receive payment on PayPal.Flutterwave partners with PayPal to allow African merchants receive payments on PayPal

According to a statement by Flutterwave, the integration with PayPal is live and operational across 50 African countries and worldwide.

That means small business owners and freelancers who use Flutterwave in places like Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritius, Malawi, Mozambique & Senegal will accept payments from PayPal users worldwide.

Olugbenga Agboola, Flutterwave’s CEO, said the partnership reinforces the Nigerian company’s vision of “creating a seamless digital payments system for Africa’s business communities that can now transact with international consumers.”

How to activate Pay with PayPal feature on Flutterwave

If you do not own a Flutterwave already, head on to flutterwave.com/ng/, create an account, go to your dashboard and:

  • Go to account settings;
  • Enable dashboard payment options; 
  • Select PayPal from the list of options, and that’s all.

This change would make PayPal get displayed as an option on your checkout, allowing customers to check out using that option.

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2 thoughts on “Flutterwave partners with PayPal to allow African merchants receive payments on PayPal”
  1. Thanks so far for this info. Have registered on flutter wave but not been able to link to my PayPal account. I clicked on ‘enable dashboard option, no PayPal among the list. I want to connect PayPal account to flutter wave account, reason I created account with flutter wave. I need your help.

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