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Every blogger’s main goal in the blogging business is to make money from their blog, some don’t care about the blog being successful or not they just need the money and from a perspective, their want is not a bad thing at all.

There’s only one way to earn from a blog and that is through advertising for people. If you’re a newbie blogger like me, you will agree with me that Google AdSense is still saving our lives up till this moment. Even despite having Google AdSense on the blog, we’re still a bit afraid about getting banned from using AdSense due to one violation of their rule.

As someone who seeks to find good ways to earn more money with your blog, you would have come across making money from sponsored posts from top bloggers. Despite many bloggers claiming that ‘affiliate marketing’ is the best way to make money, sponsored posts also bring lots of money in some way.

What is a sponsored post?

A sponsored post is a post to any community-driven notification-oriented website which is explicitly sponsored as an advertisement by a particular company to draw a large amount of popularity through user promotion and moderation to the most active or most viewed page on the website.

Ideally, if you own a blog and the blog’s not too known, getting sponsored posts on your blog will be very difficult, even almost impossible. However, we can never say never as there is a great solution to helping you get awareness to your blog and bring advertisers to come to pay for sponsored posts on your blog. Flyout is the solution to the problem you might be facing with getting sponsored post to your blog.

What is Flyout?

Flyout is a free, simple way to earn money by placing sponsored content on your blog. Flyout acts more as a middleman between you the blogger and the advertiser by connecting you with the right advertiser willing to advertise his or her content via sponsored posts.

At the moment, there are already over 2500 bloggers who have chosen Flyout to monetize their blog and getting your blog on Flyout is easier than you think but your blog needs to meet the blog selection criteria before it gets live on Flyout’s directory.

What is the blog selection criteria?

Flyout has a manual review process for every single blog that gets listed on their marketplace. To participate in the Flyout Marketplace, your blog needs to meet their eligibility requirements. Here are some things to check before you submit your blog on our platform:

  •  Your blog should be at least 6 months old must have at least 100 unique and high-quality articles.
  • Your organic traffic for the last 30 days should be at least 10000 [You would be asked to verify your Google Analytics during submission of your blog]
  • Your blog should have good design and all basic pages such as: About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy etc.

Here are restricted niches, that they don’t allow to be part of their network. Blogs from deceptive niches such as below are strictly restricted.

  • Any type of micro niche blogs.
  • Any type of downloadable content like Apk, Games, Movies, Music, etc.
  • Gambling/Casino
  • Deals & Coupons
  • Exam Results/Jobs
  • Adult
  • Any type of Event Blogs.
  • Quotes/Shayari/Lyrics
  • Facebook/Whatsapp Status
  • Celeb Wiki
  • Any type of Tools
  • Guns
  • Automated Blogs
  • Cannabis/Dating
  • Agency/Portfolio. Also, websites/blogs which allows anyone to post article by just creating account [such as web2.0s] are strictly restricted.

How to get your blog on Flyout Marketplace?

  • Go to
  • Tap SIGN UP NOW. You should use a computer while accessing Flyout’s website to make the sign-up process easier for youflyout review
  • On the next page, you would be asked to fill in your website URL to check the eligibility of your blog. After tapping that, tap the Check Eligibility buttonscrnli 4 30 2020 2 04 35 PM
  • On the next tab, verify you own the website. There are three ways to verify your ownership: Add meta tag in <head> tag of your blog’s homepage; Verify the ownership via verification file upload in the root folder of your website (public_html); Verify the ownership via DNS record. You can choose any one way to verify your blog ownership. Once you verify your blog ownership, you will have to connect your Google Analytics and will be redirected to the next step.
  • The next step is to set price per post and choose the category your blog belongs to. You will be able to change the price per post or category at any point of time if your blog gets approved on Flyout. Once you fill up all details, you can click on Submit Website and you are all done. You will be redirected to Website listing page, where you can see properties listed under your account along with their approval status.

Flyout’s blog approval team will go through your blog details and you will hear back from them on approval status within 48 hours.

Once your blog gets approved on their network, they will start showing your blog to the advertisers. Whenever any advertiser is interested to publish the sponsored post on your blog, you will be able to see that under “New Offers” menu. You will also get notified by the email if in case there is any sponsored post offer for your blog.

The next step is publishing the article. You can simply click on “View Article” link shown under preview column and you will be able to see the full article in your browser window. Here is an example:Screenshot 2020 01 31 at 6.14.50 PM

Now, if you are fine with the content, you can post this article on your blog (like you do it usually) and update the link of live article by clicking on “Accept Offer” button. It will look like this:Screenshot 2020 01 31 at 6.16.25 PM

If you want to reject the offer, you can simply click on “Reject Offer” and write down the reason for rejection. It will look like this:Screenshot 2020 01 31 at 6.18.34 PM

Note: There is a timer associated with every single sponsored post-offer and if you fail to publish the article within a given time, the offer gets cancelled automatically and you will not be able to get the same offer again in any case.

When to expect payment from Flyout

 Flyout sends payments to all eligible publishers from 8th to 14th of every month. For example, let’s say you have earned 100$ from 1st of May to 30th of May, then your payment will be released from 8th to 14th of June.

For Publishers from India:

Payments are processed via Direct Bank Transfers for Indian publishers. If you haven’t updated your bank details yet, then head over to your Payouts >> Transfer Preferences page and update your bank details immediately.

Screenshot+2020 02 11+at+4.04.05+PM

For Publishers from Country Other than India:

Payments are processed via PayPal for Non-Indian publishers. You can update your payment profile by clicking on Payouts >> Transfer Preferences.

Screenshot+2020 02 11+at+4.07.06+PM

How to Enable Instant Publishing On My Blog?

Tired of publishing all the posts to your blog manually from Flyout? Well, there’s a way to help you save your time by automating this process. Yes, I’m serious all the orders that you will receive on Flyout will automatically be published on your blog. It will just take a minute to all set up all the things.

  • Login to your Flyout Account and visit the “Blogs” page.
  • Click on the “Apply” button for the blog on which you would like to enable Instant Publishing.
  • Next, download the required plugin and activate it.
  • Once you’ve installed the plugin click on the “Verify Status” and it will verify the connection between the platform and your blog.

If plugin installation and verification were successful, you’ll have to create an author account with required details as shown below. [Note: Details for every blog is different so please do not use the same author details]

  • Once you’ve successfully created an author account click on the “Verify” button and get your details verified.
  • If the connection was successful you’ll get a message as “Verification completed!

How to make more money from the Flyout affiliate program

In the Flyout Affiliate Program, all you have to do is invite high-quality blogs on their platform and earn $15 for every blog that gets approved on the Flyout platform.  For example, if you refer to a blog owner who registers 3 approved blogs on Flyout you’ll be paid $15 per blog i.e $45 in total for 3 blogs.

Flyout is free to join anyone can join their Affiliate Program. Getting started with Flyout Affiliate Program in just 3 steps.

  1. Join Flyout Affiliate Program by clicking here
  2. Invite Blog Owners on Flyout through your Affiliate Link.
  3. Earn Affiliate commissions.

How to monitor your commissions

The Flyout team developed their affiliate system where you can detail insights into your affiliate reports.

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Now, on this page, you should be able to see the following things:

  1. Clicks – Total number of clicks received on your affiliate link in the chosen period.
  2. Signups – Total number of signups received through your affiliate link in the chosen period.
  3. Submitted – Total number of blogs submitted by your referred accounts in the chosen period.
  4. Accepted – Total number of blogs referred by you that are approved on our platform.
  5. Earnings – Total Amount Earned for approved blogs.

All the Flyout affiliate payouts are released as per NET-30 payment terms, this means you are paid 30 days after the month-end. For example, any commission earned in February would be paid 30th March (as long as you meet the minimum payout threshold).

What are the payment options and the minimum payout threshold?

To all the Indian Affiliate Partners affiliate payout will be sent via Bank Account. Anyone residing outside India affiliate payout will be sent via PayPal. The minimum affiliate payout threshold is currently set to $100.

That’s all the info I can disclose to you from this review. One thing I can assure you is that Flyout is a great way to make money from sponsored posts on your blog and if you’re determined to stop depending on only Google AdSense, you might want to try it out for your blog.

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