Download FM WhatsApp v8.45 with Anti-ban for Android

by Johnson Daniel

FM WhatsApp still has lots of features to offer you than what the regular WhatsApp by Facebook would. The very first exciting part of the FM WhatsApp is allowing you to run two different accounts on it at the same time, but the v8.45 comes with much more revamped features which we’re going to discuss before getting the download link to the app.

Download FM WhatsApp v8.45 with Anti-ban for Android

Features of FM WhatsApp v8.45

  • Exclusive: One UI Design.
  • New official WA base update to
  • Added: New Default Theme(Light/Night).
  • New styles: For IG Story.
  • New UI: For adding a status from IG Story.
  • New UI: For activating options (airplane mode, light/night mode).
  • Added: Animate Airplane icon when turned ON to alert you.
  • Exclusive: Now Separate Chats and Groups conversations into two screens.
  • Option: Use the Phone system emoji variant for WhatsApp.
  • Improvement: Reduced APK size to 33 MB.
  • Use the new Fingerprint Lock UI of WhatsApp.
  • Added: Option to Increase Forward limit to 250 (instead of 5).
  • 1st in WAMODS: Click to Mark Status as Viewed.
  • Added: Go to the “First Message” inside Chats.
  • Added: New emojis for 2020.
  • Fixed: Themes does not apply in Android 10.
  • Exclusive update: more Anti-Ban.
  • Exclusive: Add Custom Stickers from Google Play Store to all packages (Both FMWhatsApp and FMWhatsApp2).

The features on the FM WhatsApp v8.45 are just one to be glad to enjoy. Asides from this feature, there are the regular ones which you should know about already and just to remind the few who might have forgotten, here are the basic features of the FM WhatsApp app;

  • Privacy and Theme modifications
  • Supports audio and video Calling with new UI
  • Hide the Last Seen option
  • Show “Online / Last Seen” on the main screen
  • Themes Store with 100+ Styles to download
  • Choose from 30+ Ticks & Bubbles styles
  • No need of loading for media preview
  • Send video size up to 1GB (instead of 32MB)
  • Add up to 250 characters in your status field
  • Click and copy anyone’s status
  • Change app launcher and notification icon
  • Big emojis, Ban proof and much more!

Where to download FM WhatsApp v8.45 apk

Download - FM WhatsApp v8.45 apk (41.83 MB)

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