Get quick loans from Quickteller without internet connection & collateral

by Johnson Daniel

When it comes to money transactions, Quickteller is not new to the business, it is the biggest online transaction processor in Nigeria. With Quickteller, you can purchase airtime, pay bills, send and receive money via the web. All transactions performed are final and cannot be recalled except in the case of proven fraud.

To add to their ever-growing list of services, Quickteller has now introduced a short-term loan designed to grant Nigerians quick cash to meet their immediate needs without the stress of going online to request for it.quickteller loans

In addition to the no internet feature, you also don’t need collateral to collect loans from Quickteller, I know this sounds good to you after seeing that no collateral is required. However, don’t get too excited with that you do not need to drop collateral before collecting credit loan from Quickteller as you need to give the platform the right to access your bank for your profile details and to view transaction history to know your financial capabilities.

Also, if you’re thinking you can easily get a credit loan of N100,000 from this platform simply cross that thought away from your mind. Quickteller offers small loans ranging from N1000 – N10,000. Once you are eligible, it will be credited to your bank account in less than 30 minutes.

All credit loan amounts have an interest rate of 15% and must be paid back with the interest within 2 weeks (14 days). So this means that if you collect a credit loan of;

  • N1,000 you are to pay back N1, 150
  • N2,500 you are to pay back N2,875
  • N5,000 you are to pay back N5,750
  • N10,000 you are to pay back N11,500

How to request a loan from Quickteller

Go to your phone’s dialer and dial ∗322∗6# then follow the prompt. Just in case you don’t feel too comfortable with how getting a credit loan from Quickteller, you can browse through other options and see which one suits your need.


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