Glo 4G LTE now supports Frequency Band 3 (1800)

by Johnson Daniel

Earlier this year, Globacom announced their plan to extend their frequency to Band 3 (1800) in order to increase their 4G LTE penetration and allow higher smartphones adoption.Glo 4G LTE now supports Frequency Band 3 (1800)

To the good of all Glo subscribers and those who use the 4G network, the 4G LTE now supports Frequency Band 3 (1800). This Band 3 frequency is also the same frequency that both 9mobile and Airtel use for their 4G network. With this new update, most of the 4G enabled smartphone can now support Glo 4G LTE, the issue of not support Band 28 will come to an end, Band 3 is now available.

Customers from different cities in Nigeria has confirmed that Glo 4G is now available on the widest 4G LTE Frequency Band 3(1800). Ahead of time, Glo 4G frequency runs only on the stubborn Band 28(700), which is not available on many Android devices in Nigeria.

This is actually good and it should help Glo gain more subscribers given the fact that they offer cheap data plans and having this is really a huge step forward.

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