Glo Beep service – Make phone calls with low/no airtime on Glo

by Johnson Daniel

The title says it all, Glo has introduced a service that will enable Glo subscribers with low or zero airtime balance to reach out to any other number, the interesting thing is it works on both Glo and other networks. This service is called Glo Beep Service.

The name sounds familiar yeah? MTN has a similar service which is an auto-triggered beep call that allows customers who have run out of airtime, or those with insufficient airtime on their lines, to flash their loved ones. It will appear as a missed call on their number. Want to know more about this service and how you can use it? Read this article – Everything you need to know about MTN Beep Service.

Glo Beep service – Make phone calls with low/no airtime on Glo

How does the Glo Beep Service work?

On how this service works, Glo said ”Subscribers will simply call their contacts with low or zero balance, the network will leave a “missed call” on the called number, requesting them to call back and the called party will see a missed call and be prompted to return the call.”

This service is free to use, not to mention that lots of Glo subscribers have benefited from it since it was introduced. However, it is quite strange to have the Glo Beep service and Pay4Me service since the latter makes the person you call pay for phone calls.

Anyway, not to complain, as according to the telco, the service has brought relief to its customers who use it as a last resort to passing messages to their loved ones.

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