How to enjoy 15% extra airtime for all recharges on Glo

by Johnson Daniel

There’s no harm with trying to get a little extra airtime on your Glo line. When you make recharges on your Glo line, you get rewarded with little airtime and data irrespective of the tariff plan you’re on default. Adding an extra 15% airtime to the bonus airtime you will get for every recharge on your Glo line would save you a lot for making calls during this period as all of this is made possible with the aid of Glo’s E Top-Up 15% offer.glo e top-up 15% offer

What is Glo E Top-Up 15% offer?

This is an offer which rewards Glo customers with 15% extra unconditional airtime when they recharge their lines electronically through any of the existing e-channels such as Glo Café, Online/web merchants, Bank ATMs, POS terminals or direct purchase from Glo retail outlets. You can also recharge using your bank’s USSD recharge code or dial *805# and select your bank.

All Glo customers who recharge their Glo lines electronically through any of the channels listed above are eligible for the offer.  For example, if you recharge N200, you will receive N200 + N30, totalling N230 airtime value. N200 is credited to your main account, while N30 is credited to your 15% bonus account.

  • Bonuses on e-Top Up amounts below N1000 have 7 days validity
  • Bonuses on e-Top Up amounts between N1000 and N1999 have 15 days validity
  • Bonuses on e-Top Up amounts from N2000 & above are valid for 30 days

E-Top-Up amount range

Main Account

E-Top Up 15% Bonus



Top Up value

15% bonus

7 days

N1,000 – N1,999

Top Up value

15% bonus

15 days

N2,000 & above

Top Up value

15% bonus

30 days

Dial #122# to check your 15% e-Top Up Bonus balance. If you migrate to another tariff plan while still having the 15% bonus airtime, any unutilised portion of the 15% bonus balance will be lost upon migration.

Just to also let you know, any unused bonus balance from will be lost upon expiration of validity period and finally, the bonus cannot be shared or transferred.

Since going outside to purchase airtime has become restricted, enjoying the E Top-Up 15% offer as a Glo customer will be easier than ever.

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