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It’s a thing of joy not to spend a dime after making a phone call or calls, and it’s very much possible to do that; however, nothing ever comes for free like that. One person needs to cover the cost of the phone call. In this case, the person you’re calling (recipient) can do that.

Glo Pay4Me service makes this possible. Unsurprisingly, this service has been around for more than a decade, with a small number of Glo customers having little knowledge about it.Glo Pay4Me

Before we head-on to see how to make a recipient pay for a call on the Glo network, let’s quickly understand what the Glo Pay4Me service is all about.

What is the Glo Pay4Me service?

Glo Pay4Me service is a telephone call in which the calling party originates a call to the called party, and the latter foot the call bill. With this definition, I’m sure you understand what the service is all about. That left aside, and it’s time to get to the real deal.

How to make a recipient pay for calls on Glo

Glo Pay4Me can be initiated by adding 7733 as a prefix before the called party’s number. For example, to call 08021234567, dial 773308021234567. The called party receives an IVR prompt asking if he/she is willing to pay for the call. If yes, the receiver selects 1 to accept call collect on the IVR. If no, it is assumed that the receiver is not interested in collecting the call, the call would then disconnect.

With this, you should spend less on making phone calls, i.e., if your recipient accepts the IVR prompt from Glo. Not minding that, you might have to worry less about this because Glo Berekete, which gives you a 700% airtime bonus for every recharge, should assist you with making as many phone calls as you wish.

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