Glo subscribers to be restricted from calling Airtel numbers from October 28th

by Johnson Daniel

It has come as news that Glo subscribers won’t be able to call any Airtel number after the Grandmasters of Data having failed to settle interconnect debts running into billions of Naira with Airtel.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), has granted Airtel the go-ahead to partially disconnect the Glo lines from calling the Airtel lines, but the good news is that Airtel subscribers can call the Glo subscribers. This disconnection will take effect on the 28th of October, 2019.

This is not the first time something like this is happening with Glo, earlier in June 2019, they had issues with the MTN network as they (MTN) accused Glo of refusing to pay up its interconnect indebtedness and threatened to disconnect Glo subscribers before NCC intervened.

In telecommunication business, telecom operators settle interconnect bills amicably through clearing houses approved and licensed by the NCC. But over the years, the interconnect debts have piled up and some operators are unwilling to settle the backlogs.

Interconnect debts are bills that emanate from charges for calls generated from a particular network that terminate on another network. If a Globacom subscriber initiates a call to an Airtel subscriber, the call is terminated on the Airtel network and Globacom is expected to pay the approved fee for terminating calls on Airtel network and vise versa.

Over the years, Globacom has had accumulated charges for calls generated from its network and terminate on the Airtel network. It is for this reason that Airtel asked for the approval of NCC to disconnect Globacom for failure to pay up its interconnect debts.

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