Glo unlimited browsing settings (100% working)

by Johnson Daniel

In the past few weeks, all thoughts have been centered on the Glo unlimited browsing, many who it hasn’t worked for has gone on to report the cheat to Globacom, and despite sharing two tutorials to make this cheat work for everyone who can get their hands on a Glo SIM card, many people still find it difficult to activate theirs.Glo unlimited browsing settings (100% working)

I’m hoping that after this article, you would be able to activate the Glo unlimited browsing on any of your Glo SIM cards and enjoy it before it gets blocked. If you’ve been reading our articles for a while now or you read our article on how to activate the Glo unlimited browsing the first time, you should notice in the article that you need to have at least N200 airtime and that works for only a day. That’s not the case for today’s tutorial, today’s article will show you how to activate the unlimited browsing on your Glo SIM card for N100 only and it will last for 1 whole week, isn’t that much of an improvement?

There’s not much time to waste with activating this unlimited browsing, so as the tradition goes, here are the things that you are going to need to activate the unlimited browsing on your Glo SIM card.

  • 2 Glo SIM cards
  • A good 3G or 4G network
  • N100 airtime

How to activate Glo unlimited browsing

  • Migrate the first Glo SIM card to the Yakata plan by dialing *230# to migrate to the plan. It must be on the Old Yakata plan and not the New Yakata plan, dial #100# to find out what plan you’re on.
  • Make a recharge of N100 on your Glo SIM card and you would be given a 40MB data bonus since you’re on the Old Yakata plan. Once you get the 40MB data, don’t turn on your data connection, dial ∗127∗0# to find out if you were given the 40MB data before proceeding unto the next step.
  • Now, share the data to the second SIM card using the code, ∗127∗01∗number#. Once received, turn on the data connection of the second Glo number and browse unlimitedly.

Please note that you can share the data to a maximum of 5 Glo numbers, it doesn’t matter if the SIM cards receiving the data have airtime or data, it will still work. The N100 used in activating the unlimited browsing auto-renews every week so have it in mind to always have N100 airtime on your SIM card before the 6th or 7th day after activation to keep enjoying the cheat.

Do not hesitate to drop a comment if you find it difficult in activating this cheat and also do yourself a favour by joining our ever-expanding Telegram community and WhatsApp group to stay connected with our information and never miss out on anything.


Sadiq December 29, 2019 - 7:33 am

Its still not working for me.. Which sim card m I going to browse unlimitedly with.. Is it d 1 I transfer d 40 MB to? Or d 1 I recharge d glo with

Johnson Daniel December 29, 2019 - 1:18 pm

The one that you transferred the 40MB to


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