Glo unlimited browsing settings with no VPN

by Johnson Daniel

Hardly do you come across any browsing cheat that doesn’t need the help of a VPN app but the Glo unlimited browsing seems to be in that category. We can relate with the MTN 50MB free browsing which is still working with Stark VPN reloaded. We should know that we have enjoyed the cheat at a time when it was still working with Tweakware VPN and many are still blazing it with the new Stark VPN.

Personally, I can say that this Glo cheat is the best cheat that we have enjoyed in a long time here in Nigeria, in as much as it is not free, the fact that it is unlimited makes it worthwhile. Precisely 6 days ago, I posted the settings for this Glo unlimited browsing which does not require any VPN, some people activated theirs, some still found it difficult to activate theirs. After having knowledge of this, I decided to begin to activate it for people who could not or cannot activate theirs via the settings I provided in that article. If you want to activate the unlimited browsing on your Glo SIM card, kindly click here.

Today being the last boxing day of the decade, I want to post an alternate method to set up the unlimited browsing on your Glo SIM card. It is similar to the previous one that I posted a few days back and it does not require any VPN. In fact, let’s quickly take a glimpse at the requirements to activate the unlimited browsing on our Glo SIM card.Glo unlimited browsing settings with no VPN


  • A Glo SIM card
  • Glo airtime of either N100 or N200
  • An Android device or iOS device
  • A good 3G or 4G network signal

Glo unlimited browsing settings with no VPN

  • Migrate the Glo SIM card to the Jumbo tariff plan, to do so, dial *224#. If the SIM card is already on the Jumbo tariff plan, skip this step.
  • Subscribe to the N50 for 50MB data plan.
  • As soon as you subscribe to the plan, turn on your data connection and start browsing.
  • Do not download or stream anything with the data, exhaust it by using it on social media most preferably, Instagram or Facebook. WhatsApp too can’t be left out of the picture because you can exhaust it by viewing people’s statuses.
  • Once you exhaust your 50MB data (you can find out by dialing ∗127∗0#), go to any of your browsers and try going to any site, if it goes through, you have successfully activated the unlimited browsing on your Glo SIM card.

You should remember that I told you earlier on that the settings for this unlimited browsing is similar to the previous one, yes that’s true but not entirely. Unlike the other one, you only need one SIM card to activate the unlimited browsing and that’s relieving to many people.

With this Glo unlimited browsing still on-going, memories of this ‘Detty December’ might not be forgotten by many Nigerians including you reading this right now, I just hope that you enjoy the Glo unlimited browsing for as long as it lasts. Do not forget to share this post with your friends.

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