Google launches Android 10 Go edition for entry-level smartphones

by Johnson Daniel
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Android Go, also known as Android (Go edition), is a stripped-down version of Android designed to run on entry-level smartphones. It’s comprised of three optimized areas — the operating system, Google Play Store, and Google apps — which have been reimagined to provide a better experience on lesser hardware.Android 10 Go

From the definition, you can clearly understand that the Go edition is for Android devices with little RAM size. Just a few weeks back, Google launched a new OS and named it Android 10 and ever since then, we have seen it in some smartphones in as much as some Samsung Galaxy smartphones will still receive the update soon.

Google has now announced the launch of the stripped-down version of the Android 10 tagged Android 10 (Go edition). It comprises of smaller app sizes, more storage space, and way more control over how your content is stored, it’s easy to see the ways Android 10 (Go edition) helps you save space.

With this Android 10 Go edition, entry-level users too can enjoy the new experience of the OS on their smartphones. At least not only those who have money to buy those premium smartphones will get to enjoy the Android 10 alone.

Features of Android 10 (Go edition)

  • Entry-level smartphones now have the same key security features as Android 10. And every Android smartphone comes with Google Play Protect, built-in mobile security that keeps your apps and data safe, 24/7.
  • With a built-in data manager and more options to help you save, there are now more ways than ever to stay in control of your data. Because data is meant to be enjoyed, not just used.
  • By building a fast, smooth smartphone experience with enhanced apps (and a few new ones), you can email, get answers, find directions, and play games faster than ever.
  • File management app by Google to clean up and free up space with smart suggestions. It helps to find files faster by using filters instead of folders and share files offline at really fast speeds. You can download the Files app from here.
  • You have brand new apps designed for lighter updates and downloads help create more space while significantly improving performance.
  • With fewer pre-installed and much lighter apps, you get 2x more available storage out of the box. Storage issues, solved.

The Android 10 (Go edition) is almost as good as the Android 10, if not that it works best on entry-level smartphones, but they still function the same way. Google has stated that this version will begin to roll out to various entry-level Android smartphone manufacturers in weeks to come.

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