Have you gotten your OPay card?

No one currently conducting active transactions who will not have any complaints about the country’s major banks. Zenith Bank, First Bank, United Bank of Africa (UBA), and a slew of others are among the majors. These banks have simply been inept in recent weeks.

As a result, many Nigerians have turned to OPay for their banking transactions, and to be honest, it hasn’t let them down in a big way.

OPay is a money-transfer platform with a Central Bank of Nigeria microfinance bank (MFB) license (CBN). This alone provides enough credibility for you to use with confidence.

Let’s get one thing straight: we’re not here to introduce you to OPay, which doesn’t need one given how popular it has become in the last month, but to tell you about its physical card.

What is a bank without a credit/debit card that can be used for withdrawals and payments anywhere cards are accepted? OPay, like other banks, has a physical card, and if you haven’t received yours yet, I recommend that you do so as soon as possible to enjoy monthly cashback on all withdrawals and payments made with the card.

Not only that, but you also get free ATM withdrawals up to ten times per month and no card maintenance fees. Furthermore, new users can obtain an OPay physical card without a BVN in less than a minute at any OPay agent location nationwide. Do you have trouble obtaining your OPay physical card? Take a look at the steps listed below.

How to apply for an OPay physical card

  • Download and launch your OPay app.
  • Click ‘Cards’ on the homepage and click ‘Get it Now’ under the ‘Physical Card’ tab.photo1678124976 1
  • Provide the necessary information and confirm your details to complete the order.photo1678124976
  • Once your card application is successful, click ‘Cards’ on the homepage, and click ‘Track Card’ to get the latest updates on its delivery.

Placing an order cost me N1,200; it may cost you the same, so make sure you have at least that amount in your OPay balance.

You must activate your card as soon as you receive it. This can be done in-app by going to the ‘Cards’ section. Furthermore, the card is only valid for three years, after which you must reapply to renew it. Finally, you can change your card’s PIN by going to the ‘Cards’ option on the app and selecting ‘Manage Card,’ or by visiting any ATM.


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2 thoughts on “Have you gotten your OPay card?”
  1. I’m yet to receive my debit card which av long played for, the date on my OPAY app says 4th of March is the delivery date for my card and up till this moment no call from anyone and my card is yet to be received, what’s going on please help!

    1. Try tracking your card to see where it currently is. You can do this by heading to the “Cards” tab, and clicking ‘Track Card’ to get the latest updates on its delivery.

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