Hawkit Review – Earn daily income performing social tasks

by Johnson Daniel

Practically everyone spends a whole chunk of time on social media daily, there is that set of people who make money doing this while there are those who waste not only time but also data as they fail to get any monetary value from social media almost every time.

You don’t need anyone to tell you that making money online isn’t as easy as it seems despite the numerous sources available most especially via social media. Well, having a WhatsApp TV is one way you can earn money using social media, joining ‘Hawkit’ is another way to achieve this feat. This name doesn’t sound familiar yeah? So what is this ‘Hawkit?’

Hawkit is social finance platform founded on the 1st June 2020 that allows you to earn every day by simply performing popular and easy social tasks such as following social media accounts, linking social media posts, commenting on posts, sharing posts, subscribing to a channel on Youtube, posting adverts on your Whatsapp status, app reviews etc.

As a member of this platform, you can earn up to NGN5,000 in no time. Asides from the aforementioned means to making money on Hawkit, you can also become an airtime/data reseller and earn money by buying airtime or data on Hawkit at up to 10% – 50% discount and selling to friends and family at normal prices. With this, you can start your very own airtime/data business.

What can you do with Hawkit?

  • Perform social tasks and earn daily: Earn daily by performing social tasks such as Follow, Like, Comment, Share, Retweet, App Reviews, Whatsapp Post etc.
  • Boost your social portfolio: Get Real Followers, Likes, Comments, Shares, Retweets, App Reviews, Whatsapp Views etc. on your social media.
  • Start your airtime/data business: Buy Airtime or Data at up to a 10% discount and sell to friends and family at normal prices.
  • Buy and sell anything on Hawkit market: Post your products and services on Hawkit Market and get thousands of buyers at your fingertips.
  • Refer and earn big: Refer people to join Hawkit and earn NGN500 instant referral commission. By doing this, you can boost your daily earnings to as high as N10,000 per day. If you refer an average of 20 users per day, you will earn N10,000 per day and N300,000 per month from just Referral Bonuses alone. You also earn a 20% commission on every transaction carried out by your referral.

Types of tasks on Hawkit

  • Follow people and pages: Follow people and pages on selected social media accounts and earn N3 per follow.
  • Like posts: Like posts on selected social media accounts and earn N3 per like.
  • Like Facebook pages: Like Facebook pages for Businesses and Organisations and earn N3 per like.
  • Subscribe to Youtube Channel: Subscribe to selected YouTube channels and earn N30 per subscription.
  • Post comments: Comment on posts from selected social media accounts and earn N15 per comment.
  • Share posts on Facebook: Share posts from selected social media accounts to your friends on Facebook and earn N10 per share.
  • Retweet on Twitter: Retweet posts on Twitter to your followers and earn N10 per retweet.
  • Post on WhatsApp status: Posts adverts of businesses and people on your WhatsApp status and earn N20 per post.
  • Google Play App review: Download and review selected apps on Google Play Store and earn N30 per review.
  • Apple Store review: Download and review selected apps on the Apple Store and earn N60 per review.

How to join Hawkit

  • Open your browser and go to Hawkit‘s official website.
  • Tap ‘SIGN UP,’ enter your full name, referrer’s username (it’s optional but you can use foxxfi) and tap the ‘SIGN UP’ button.
  • A new page would pop up, provide your username, email, password and tap ‘CREATE ACCOUNT.’
  • Verify your email address by providing the two-factor code sent to your registered email address.How to join Hawkit
  • Select your gender, state, LGA (Local Government Area) and tap ‘SET LOCATION.’
  • Upload your profile picture or skip the process to complete the sign-up process.
  • The next thing you need to do is to activate membership (This would cost you NGN1,000). Tap ‘BECOME A MEMBER’ to continue and follow the next steps to complete payment.scrnli 2 19 2022 9 23 38 AM

After making payment, you would become an official Hawkit member, you now have access to all features available on the platform. However, becoming a member isn’t necessary. You don’t need to become a member if you just want to buy followers, likes, shares, whatsapp status views etc.

Note that your tasks will be cancelled within 6hrs if they are not performed properly or if they are left undone and you may not get any more tasks in future if you have a high number of cancelled or failed tasks. This will hinder your chances of earning via tasks. Therefore, ensure you perform your tasks properly and on time.

There is also good news for every new member, a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you activate your membership with NGN1,000 and you don’t make at least your NGN1,000 back within 30 days, they will refund your money back to you. This doesn’t mean you won’t make more than that amount.

How to withdraw from Hawkit

As for withdrawal, you can do this anytime as long as you have an extra N10 to pay for the transfer charges. To withdraw, go to your dashboard, tap the ‘WITHDRAW’ button, add your bank details, verify it, and withdraw anytime you like using the same procedure.How to withdraw from Hawkit

The Hawkit app is available for only Android devices, iOS users will have to make use of the web anytime they want to access the platform.

You can also earn a Social Boost Referral Commission of 20% of any amount paid when you refer someone to Buy Likes, Followers, Comments, Shares, Whatsapp Post Views etc. For example, if you refer 50 users to buy 2000 likes or followers worth N10,000, you will earn N2,000 per user and a whooping N100,000 instantly.

Referrals will earn an instant cashback of N100 into their wallet which they can use on the site to buy airtime/data at extremely discounted prices. They can withdraw the money directly into their bank account.

How do I Get My Referral Link?

Click on the button below to get your referral link if you are a registered member of the community. Alternatively, you can tell your referrals to enter your username under the referral section during registration.

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Thank you admin for sharing this. I was able to withdraw my earnings.


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