Holex review: Enjoy a 35% return on subscription plans after 14 days

by Johnson Daniel

Holex claims to be a digital advertising company focused on helping companies and businesses meet their targeted customers. They claim to do this by imploring the community’s help and getting them paid when publishers share sponsored posts to their social media handles, thereby ensuring that Holex’s clients reach out to a larger community. Holex review: Enjoy a 35% return on subscription plans after 14 days

How does Holex work?

As a digital advertising company, Holex works in two different ways. One is to help business owners advertise their products as they’ve promised to help reach out to many persons interested in your products.

The second way is to help you make money as a publisher; you get to earn a 35% return on your subscription package after 14 days meaning that after the 28th, which is equal to a whole month, you would enjoy a 70% return on your subscription package.

All you need to do as a publisher is to choose a plan, log in and share sponsored posts daily. It would be best if you did this daily to achieve the 35% profit for your plan.

We all know the majority of us are not interested in the advertising area of this platform. Still, the publisher’s area is where we can make money for ourselves but don’t get carried away just like that since we still don’t know if Holex is legit. Hopefully, with the help of this article, we should deduce whether Holex is legit or a scam, so read carefully.

Subscription plans available on Holex

  • Elite: The plan costs N3,000. It has a daily income of N289 and a referral bonus of N300. Total income after 14 days is N4,050.
  • Bronze: The plan costs N5,000. It has a daily income of N482 and a referral bonus of N500. Total income after 14 days is N6,750.
  • Silver: The plan costs N7,000. It has a daily income of N675 and a referral bonus of N700. Total income after 14 days is N9,450.
  • Gold: The plan costs N10,000. It has a daily income of N964 and a referral bonus of N1,000. Total income after 14 days is N13,500.
  • Diamond: The plan costs N20,000. It has a daily income of N1,928 and a referral bonus of N2,000. Total income after 14 days is N27,000.
  • Ruby: The plan costs N50,000. It has a daily income of N4,821 and a referral bonus of N5,000. Total income after 14 days is N67,500.
  • Emerald: The plan costs N100,000. It has a daily income of N9,642 and a referral bonus of N10,000. Total income after is N135,000.

Holex advertising platform has been around since the 21st of January, 2021. From calculations, it means that it’s a month old already. Some positive signs about this platform are that there’s info about the platform being led by Mr Godspower U. There are foolproof means to contact their customer care agent(s). They have social media pages on FacebookTwitter and Telegram.

There’s no information about the owner asides from the name provided by the people. Also, who knows who or what just forged the name to make people believe in investing in the platform. Another red flag is that you can’t get an address on their site. These are quite common red flags on websites having this kind of setup. As for the domain duration of this site, it’s set to expire in the year 2022.

How to join Holex

If you plan on giving this platform a trial, you can join Holex by:

  • Going to Holex.com.ng.
  • Click Sign Up, and fill the required details. After doing so, you would be asked to log in, log in to your account.

With this, you have successfully created an account on Holex, the next step to take is to get an investment package, you can do this by:

  • Going to your account dashboard.
  • Tap Become An Agent.
  • Select the plan you wish to purchase and pay with either the card option or making payment to any vendor (the system would provide the list of vendors available to you) get him/her to activate your package with no stress.

How to withdraw from Holex

The first step you need to take is to update your account details. To do so, go to your account dashboard and head on to ‘Update Account details’ page. After you’re done, you can easily withdraw your money straight to your bank account after your subscription matures.

Lastly, before we conclude this Holex review, referring is another way to make more money from this platform. It would help if you came across the referral reward for each plan of your downline purchases in this article. Feel free to show him or her this article for a better explanation. Every time you want to give something like this a trial, I would advise you to invest what you can afford to lose.

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