How to access any site for free using Freebasics (Video tutorial)

by Johnson Daniel

Free Basics is a platform owned by Facebook that provides people with access to useful services on their mobile phones in markets where internet access may be less affordable. The websites are available for free without data charges, and include content on things like news, employment, health, education and local information. By introducing people to the benefits of the internet through these websites, we hope to bring more people online and help improve their lives.scrnli 8 30 2019 11 31 55 AM

Over 85% of the world’s population lives in areas with existing cellular coverage, but mobile data is expensive and hard for people to justify when they haven’t experienced the benefits of the internet. By partnering with mobile operators, people experience the knowledge and inspiration that comes from access to basic websites, for free.

The only downside about Free Basics by Facebook is that you can only access websites that are listed on the platform for free and not all websites. Did I say not all websites? Silly me. You can access almost any site for free using Free Basics by Facebook. All you have to know are the procedures that I’m going to list right now.

How to access any site for free using Freebasics

  • Turn on your mobile data and launch your mobile browser, PC doesn’t support Free Basics.
  • Go to, when the page opens up, scroll all the way down and click Add more services.
  • On the next page, you will see a box, tap it and write epage then hit the search button.
  • A page will appear with the name, epage, click on it and on the next page, click Add service.
  • Now, enter the epage website via the Freebasics and type in any URL of your choice, most preferably, the one that you will like to visit. Like for example, this blog, and click the enter key. You will enter this blog without having to pay a dime.

How to access any site for free using Freebasics (Video tutorial)

 It’s more like using free facebook, the only difference is that this procedure allows you to see the pictures on the website. It is very good that free basics is available to a wide list of networks, and quite unfortunate that some still miss out. For those who still don’t know if free basics is available to them, here’s the list of where Free basics is available in countries and municipalities with the following mobile operators:

Europe, Africa & Middle East

  • Algeria (Oordeoo)
  • Angola (Movicel)
  • Belarus (Life)
  • Benin (MTN & Moov)
  • Cameroon (MTN)
  • Cape Verde (Unitel & CVMovel)
  • Chad (Tigo)
  • Congo (Airtel)
  • Côte D’ivoire (MTN)
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo (Airtel & Vodacom)
  • Gabon (Airtel)
  • Ghana (Airtel, Tigo, & Vodafone)
  • Guinea (Cellcom)
  • Guinea-Bissau (MTN)
  • Iraq (AsiaCell, Korek, & Zain)
  • Jordan (Zain & Umniah)
  • Kenya (Airtel)
  • Liberia (Orange)
  • Madagascar (Orange & Blueline)
  • Malawi (Airtel & TNM)
  • Mauritania (Mauritel)
  • Morocco (Maroc Telecom)
  • Mozambique (Mcel)
  • Niger (Airtel)
  • Nigeria (Airtel & 9 Mobile)
  • Rwanda (Airtel & Tigo)
  • Senegal (Tigo)
  • Seychelles (Airtel)
  • South Africa (Cell C)
  • Sudan (Zain)
  • Tanzania (Tigo, Airtel, Vodacom, & Halotel)
  • Togo (Moov)
  • Zambia (Airtel & MTN)

Asia Pacific

  • Bangladesh (Grameenphone & Robi)
  • Cambodia (Smart Axiata)
  • Indonesia (Indosat, XL Axiata, & Telkomsel)
  • Laos (Unitel)
  • Maldives (Ooredoo)
  • Mongolia (G-Mobile, Mobicom, & Skytel)
  • Pakistan (Telenor & Zong)
  • Philippines (Globe & Smart)
  • Thailand (DTAC & TrueMove)
  • Timor-Leste (Telkomcel)
  • Vanuatu (Telecom)

Latin America

  • Antigua and Barbuda (Digicel)
  • Aruba (Digicel)
  • Barbados (Digicel)
  • British Virgin Islands (Digicel)
  • Bonaire (Digicel)
  • Colombia (Avantel & Tigo)
  • Curaçao (Digicel)
  • Dominica (Digicel)
  • Dominican Republic (Orange)
  • Grenada (Digicel)
  • Guatemala (Tigo)
  • Honduras (Tigo)
  • Jamaica (Digicel)
  • Mexico (Telcel & Virgin)
  • Montserrat (Digicel)
  • Panama (Digicel)
  • Peru (Bitel, Claro, & Entel)
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis (Digicel)
  • Saint Vincent & the Grenadines (Digicel)
  • Suriname (Digicel)
  • Turks and Caicos (Digicel)

Free Basics will continue to expand to more countries around the world.

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