How to access Telegram and WhatsApp for free using MTN

by Johnson Daniel

If you’ve been looking for ways to use WhatsApp and Telegram for free, MTN might just have the solution to all of that. First, I’d like to let you know that you can access Telegram and WhatsApp for free and use it to chat with your loved ones or clients and also view status on your WhatsApp or even download pictures on WhatsApp. We are talking about something like free Facebook but just that you would be able to still see photos with this trick I’m going to disclose to you here.

Secondly, this is a glitch from MTN’s side and there’s no telling when it will stop working so let’s do ourselves the honour of learning and using it quickly before it stops working. However, you are going to need some items in order to make this work, they are;

  • An MTN SIM card with no airtime in it
  • The MTN SIM card must be on Pulse tariff plan. Dial *406# to migrate to the planHow to access Telegram and WhatsApp for free using MTN

How to enable your MTN SIM card to access Telegram and WhatsApp for free

  • Borrow airtime of any amount on your MTN SIM card using the code *606#
  • After borrowing the airtime, don’t make exhaust the borrowed airtime
  • You can now launch your WhatsApp or Telegram app and use it for as long as you like free of charge

Please note that you shouldn’t download images of 1MB data and up on either Telegram or WhatsApp and if possible, don’t view anyone status that would consume 1MB and up because it would spoil the whole freebie thing.

Please let us know if it worked for you via the comment box below and if you can also join us on Telegram and WhatsApp. Feel free to share this with your friends using MTN, sharing is caring!

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