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MTN customers have several low-cost data plans to choose from, which is more than enough for many customers. MTN has been on a roll this year, bringing various data offers that are affordable to customers. The most recent addition is a 1.5GB data plan for N200, with the added benefit of being valid for 30 days.

Aside from this plan, keep in mind that MTN still has the Welcome Back data offer, which gives you 1GB of data for N200, with the most recent one being a 1GB and 2GB free data offer, and so on. Without further ado, let’s go over the steps required to activate this low-cost data plan.

How to activate 1.5GB for N200 on MTN

This data plan is part of the MTN4ME offers and, like the others, is sim-selective (based on eligibility). You can either recharge your SIM with at least N200 or try dialling ∗131∗88# and responding with 1. One-time Purchase to see if your SIM is eligible to buy data.How to activate 1.5GB for N200 on MTN

If you are eligible, you will receive a success message, and if you are not eligible, you will receive a “Dear Customer, you are not eligible for this offer…” message. In summary, once you dial the code, you will know if your line is eligible for the offer or not. Finally, you can check the data balance by either dialling ∗131∗4# or sending to 131 as an SMS.

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