This pandemic has hit everyone hard as it seems to be like something that’s here to stay.  With respect to this pandemic, MTN & Airtel decided to help everyone chat with their loved ones by allowing their customers to send messages for free. We know that we need to have free access to data instead of SMS because the internet connects people more than SMS and with this, MTN has silently rolled out a new data plan through which you can get cheap data and browse as you like.

In this newly introduced data plan, you can get 1.5GB data for N300, 1GB for N200, 10MB for N2 & 200MB for N50. 3 out of the 4 data plans above should be known to us already as they’ve been discussed already on this blog, however, the 10MB data for N2 is a new one and it can be accumulated meaning that you can get as much as 500MB data just for N100 depending on your luck.photo5776255023825662989

How to activate 10MB for N2 on MTN

Pick up your MTN SIM card & dial ∗121∗1#. A list of data plans should come up with the 10MB for N2 plan being among, purchase it for as long as you can do it on your SIM card.photo5775956549368395240

The downside to the plan is that it is a daily plan meaning you have to exhaust the data accumulated before the end of 24 hours. Other plans include;

  • 1.5GB for N300, valid for 7 days.
  • 1GB for N200, valid for 7 days.
  • 200MB for N50, valid for 14 days.

This is just another MyMTN offer so the list may differ from SIM to SIM but as for the 10MB for the N2 data plan, I’ve confirmed it on 4 SIM cards already and it appears on all of them.

To check your data balance, dial ∗131∗4#. Don’t forget to share this with your friends who use MTN using the share buttons below.

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