How to activate Ntel free browsing cheat 2019

by Johnson Daniel

There’s no need for any formal introduction to the Ntel 4G network provider since you are reading this article, you already know why you are here and I’m quite certain it’s because you want to know how to activate Ntel free browsing cheat for yourself.

The real truth is that this cheat is available due to service downtime from Ntel and it happens once in a while as it has happened before this month, well, enough with all the talk, let’s get started on how to active Ntel free browsing this month.

How to activate Ntel free browsing cheat

Pick up your Ntel SIM card, insert it into your smartphone or MiFi, set the APN as ntel then start browsing for as long as this lasts, it is that simple.

The only thing that will discourage many individuals from activating this is location problem, Ntel only has network signal in Port Harcourt, Lagos and Abuja so only those in this locations can activate the Ntel free browsing cheat on their smartphones or MiFi.

Don’t worry if you are not using Ntel, you can also enjoy MTN free browsing on your smartphone using 24Clan Green VPN or Tweakware VPN apps this month too.

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