How to activate your MTN SIM to make calls for free

by Johnson Daniel

Some few days ago, we disclosed a step on how to get unlimited airtime on MTN but it required you to spend money on purchasing airtime on MTN and today, I want to show you how you can get your MTN SIM card to make calls for free on your SIM card. I must let you know that the procedure that I’m going to list in this article is kind of technical so ensure that you follow the steps carefully.

How to activate your MTN SIM card to make calls for free

  • Use your old SIM or buy a new MTN sim with any of this prefix: 081640***081641***081642***081643***090611***070630***080641***.
  • Above are the recommended numbers. Make sure you get one of the numbers above with the exact number prefix.
  • If you don’t have an old sim with the number prefix, get the new sim and register it as you would do to a normal sim.
  • You can recharge N100 airtime and make a normal call for a minute just to fully activate the new MTN sim.
  • Next step is to go to your Phone’s Settings > Mobile networks > Network operators > then tap on Search networks or Select manually.IMG 20200125 152656 448
  • Then wait for network search to complete. When done, you’ll get a list of available networks as seen above.
  • Kindly choose any network to register on it except MTN.
  • You might get an error message, just ignore it.
  • Go to your dial pad and call any number you want to call by adding 999 before the number. For example 99907064572651.
  • You might get a response saying “Number doesn’t exist”. Don’t panic. Just go back to your phone’s settings and select another network operator except MTN.
  • Again, redial the number again. If you stop getting such responses and faced frequent hangups, then you have to keep redialing the number until it finally connects.
  • The frequent hangup is caused by network congestion on 999.
  • Make sure you don’t select network operator again if you successfully activated this on your MTN sim.

That’s all, we don’t have any idea on how long it will last but enjoy it while it lasts.

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